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A Critical Juncture

A Critical Juncture

Dear Friend,

As we prepare to celebrateour nation’s Independence Day, let us reflect on the words of President AbrahamLincoln, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falterand lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Our nation is at a criticaljuncture. We are at the brink of losing our freedoms, and we need your helpnow!

This week, Members ofCongress are home in their districts for the Independence Day Work Period. Itis a great opportunity to meet with your representative and senators to discussseveral important issues:

  1. Despite a court victory in the Hobby Lobby case, this Administration has just released its final rule regarding the conscience mandate to force Americans to violate their religious and moral convictions. And, not surprisingly, it is reminiscent of previous rules that use accounting gimmicks and delay to negate the fact that it is creating a two-tiered system of religion in this country, one for houses of worship and one for everyone else. In order to preserve our moral and religious freedoms, Congress must pass the Health Care Conscience Rights Act, H.R. 940 and S. 1204. Please meet with your Members of Congress this week and urge them to cosponsor these bills. Also, please request that they ask leadership to make these bills a priority.
  1. Congress is starting to pass its annual spending bills. While the overall spending limit will be governed by the Budget Control Act (BCA) which was part of the debt ceiling agreement, we need to ensure that Members of Congress hold firm and do not set aside these limits. It is crucial that Washington reins in its voracious spending. Please meet with your Members of Congress and tell them to stick to the BCA spending levels and balance the budget without increasing taxes on the American people!
  1. The Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee (HELP) is preparing to vote on the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA), S. 815. This nice sounding legislation would create a protected class for homosexuals while forcing employers and employees with moral or religious beliefs regarding homosexuality, bisexuality, transgender behavior and other “gender identities” to violate their right to follow their conscience. Please meet with your Senator and urge them to oppose this bill.
  1. The Senate could consider the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Treaty (CRPD). This treaty was brought up last Congress, and Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada) misguidedly believed it failed only because it was an election year. This treaty will not extend disability rights to other countries that Americans currently enjoy, rather it will only empower the United Nations to take away many rights laid out to American citizens within our own Constitution. Please meet with your Senator and urge them to oppose the CRPD.

Penny Nance
Chief Executive Officer and President
Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee

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