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Legislately! is a three-minute, issues-oriented, weekly podcast. CWALAC’s Legislately! team breaks down the tough pieces of legislation on the floor of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives and tells our citizen-activist listeners what they can do to make their voices heard. 

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Protecting Christian Adoptive and Foster Care Providers9/12/2014

Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee’s Director of House Legislation, Shari Rendall, talked to Rep. Mike Kelly about the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act (H.R. 5285), a bill to ensure that faith based charities will not be squeezed out of our communities because of their moral and religious convictions.  READ MORE

The Obama Administration is Friends with Our Enemies and Enemies with Our Friends9/11/2014

Israel needs our help, and according to Rep. Doug Lamborn the Obama Administration is not treating Israel like the ally it is. To hear all of Rep. Lamborn’s remarks, listen to the interview below. To show your support for our friend Israel, consider joining Concerned Women for America at our Stand for Israel Rally in […]  READ MORE

Speaking Up for the Unborn8/29/2014

Only seven countries offer late-term abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The U.S. is one of them. The Senate has the opportunity to put an end to such abortions. However, Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) refuses to allow discussion of the topic to reach the Senate floor. To learn how Concerned Women for America is combating […]  READ MORE

Combating Religious Persecution8/29/2014

Faith-based charities involved with foster care and adoption services are under persecution and may be forced to close their doors. The Navy has already removed (and replaced after great, public outrage) Bibles from guest rooms at Navy lodges. Thankfully, Concerned Women for America, like-minded organizations, and congressmen are working hard to preserve religious liberties in […]  READ MORE

Christian Persecution on the Rise8/22/2014

As we see in the news every day, religious persecution is on the rise around the world. How should America respond? Shari Rendall, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee’s Director of House Legislation, talked with Rep. Trent Franks (R-Arizona) who has been a leader standing for religious freedom at home and abroad. Rep. Franks […]  READ MORE

Protecting Vulnerable Children8/11/2014

At the age of 14, Justina Pelletier was taken away from her family and made a ward of the state after being wrongly diagnosed by doctors at Boston Medical Center. Prior to diagnosis, she was a normal teenager who enjoyed ice-skating. Now, she is confined to a wheelchair. As a result, a new law has […]  READ MORE

Defending Israel and the Defenseless8/11/2014

The Senate passed an emergency measure to provide 225 million dollars in funding for Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System.  However, the Senate was unable to move through the Israel Strategic Partnership Act (S.462), an act that would have strengthened America’s relationship with Israel. Please urge your senator to support the Israel Strategic Partnership Act. Additionally, […]  READ MORE

Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) Updates CWALAC on Pain-Capable6/25/2014

Late this afternoon, Senators were scheduled to go down to the Senate floor to speak concerning the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, S. 1670. CWALAC was notified this morning that this has been cancelled because Sen. Harry Reid, who sets the agenda on the Senate Floor, adjourned the Senate for a meeting at the White […]  READ MORE

[AUDIO] Help us Stop Discrimination Against Children with Disabilities6/3/2014

Did you know that parents can sue on the grounds that they would have aborted their child if they’d known beforehand their child would be born with disabilities? You won’t believe this. CWA’s Director of House Legislation, Shari Rendall, and Legislative Intern, Kaylyn Caruso, spoke with U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-Mississippi) about his bill, the […]  READ MORE

[AUDIO] Air Force Academy Cadet’s Religious Liberty Neglected4/24/2014

An Air Force Academy cadet was recently asked to remove a verse of Scripture from his personal whiteboard that hung outside his dorm door. So what is Congress doing to stop this neglect of the cadet’s freedom of religion and to defend all of our rights to religious liberty? CWA’s Director of House Legislation, Shari […]  READ MORE

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