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Summer of Recovery & Other Fantasies12/3/2010

President Obama’s Recovery Act broke a lot of ground last summer. Did economic recovery follow the work zones or did the government just dig us a deeper hole?  READ MORE

Can Marriage Recover from the Assault of Radical Individualism?11/17/2010

The declining number of married households.  READ MORE

Abstinence Programs Have No Effect … Really?11/11/2010

The government’s own records contradict the conclusion of Mathematica Policy Research that abstinence education is ineffective.


Effect of the Recession on Male & Female Employment10/27/2010

The effect of the recession on male and female employment is the topic of American Thinker’s Graph for the Day  READ MORE

Welfare Reform: The Argument and the Evidence10/21/2010

The following graph appeared on American Thinker as their Graph for the Day on October 19, 2010.  READ MORE

Ratio of Food Stamp Households to Poor Families10/13/2010

Graph for the Day from American Thinker.  READ MORE

Poverty Rates, Marriage and Living Arrangements10/8/2010

Dr. Janice Crouse contributes to the American Thinker’s Graph-for-the-Day.  READ MORE

What Can We Learn From Marital Birth Rate Trends?4/19/2010

The National Center for Health Statistics reported that the birth rate for unmarried women declined by nearly two percent from 2007 to 2008.  READ MORE

U.S. Proposes Adding ‘Fathers’ to U.N. Document6/7/2007

The United States submitted positive language on fatherhood this week to the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) document on the role of men and boys in achieving gender equality, raising an outcry from some nongovernment organizations (NGOs). Concurrently, delegates at the conference appear unified in calling for an overhaul of the committee’s […]  READ MORE

Out-of-Wedlock Babies: Intended . . . Or Not?1/24/2007

The idea that most of the babies being born out of wedlock are unintended and unwanted is little more than a myth.  READ MORE

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