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Obama Reinvents Sacred Themes for 20126/11/2012

While his record as president makes it abundantly clear that he does not walk on water, the president is still incorporating the same religious code words that ensured his victory in 2008.

‘I do’ does matter2/9/2012

Though marriage is a critical institution in civil society, researchers agree that it is endangered and in a fragile state.  READ MORE

Listen Up Girls: This is the Way Things Work1/19/2012

In just about every area of life, there are rules. Listen and learn, ladies.  READ MORE

Seven Billion People: Over-Population or Birth Dearth?10/31/2011

Today, our world reaches a major population milestone, and that is great cause for celebration. And while many around the world are doing just that, far too many have bought into warped statistics and faulty estimates — the “overpopulation myth.”  READ MORE

Social Issues Are Not Going Away in 20129/15/2011

Frankly, how the government spends taxpayer money comes down to moral issues.  READ MORE

Abortion Drugs Compliments of Neighbors and Friends8/8/2011

Pregnancy and childbirth have moved from a woman’s natural, wonderful privilege to a medical “state” needing government and insurance representatives’ intervention for prevention and/or elimination.  READ MORE

Fiscal Crisis at a Tipping Point7/11/2011

The only way out of this fiscal crisis is to go back to those historically-proven, time-honored principles that are the foundation of this great nation.  READ MORE

SlutWalking our way to Gomorrah6/8/2011

No amount of women marching the streets demanding the right to act however they please will ever do away with the risks that arise from the evil of which the human heart is capable.  READ MORE

Marriage Trends and the Evangelical Faithful5/20/2011

Over the last half century, the institution of marriage has lost authority, power, and social functions in the U.S.  READ MORE

Why is President Obama ‘Leading From Behind’?4/26/2011

An Obama adviser who describes the president’s style as “leading from behind.”  READ MORE

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