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Obamatizing the Church4/19/2011

Dr. Janice Crouse discusses Rob Bell’s latest book on the front page of today’s Washington Times editorial section. Don’t miss it!  READ MORE

Family Deformation4/8/2011

One in five of all American mothers have children from different men.  READ MORE

Marriage Doesn’t Count; Feds Tabulate Same-Sex Behavior3/15/2011

The federal government deems it too expensive to track marriage and divorce data; instead, turns its attention to tracking data about sexual activity, behavior, attraction, and identity of teens and adults.  READ MORE

President Obama Won’t Protect Marriage2/25/2011

This is the president’s latest bow to “gay” rights activists and his latest move out of mainstream values over to far-left policies that undermine the nation’s foundations and social structure.  READ MORE

Keys to President Reagan’s Effectiveness2/3/2011

President Reagan was a highly effective president, even though he came to the presidency in times that were just as uncertain as today.  READ MORE

Obama: Big government is back, babySOTU speech focused on more power for feds1/27/2011

The president called for the nation to do “big things,” yet he cited only government programs and initiatives as examples of “innovation.”  READ MORE

Pillars and Bipartisan Pairs1/25/2011

Is this subliminal bow to Mecca worth opening that “can of worms” at the same time he is making a head fake towards center?  READ MORE

Peace in Our Time?1/19/2011

In these times when irrational hatreds erupt in such terrifying tragedy, Rodney King’s nearly 20-year-old question re-echoes. Hard experience answers: No, not really.  READ MORE

The Witch Hunt vs. Evil Doers1/10/2011

All decent human beings mourn the heinous action that felled so many wonderful people and touches the lives of so many others.  READ MORE

Protecting our Children from Porn12/23/2010

The statistics are shocking; every second, nearly 30,000 Internet users are viewing porn and 35 percent of all Internet downloads are porn. This can be overwhelming for parents trying to protetct their children from pornography.

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