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Feminists Fought Battles and Men Won the War1/23/2013

Feminists battled to change the culture, laws, and behaviors under the guise of “equality.” Congratulations men, you won.  READ MORE

ObamaCare and Women: A Symbiotic or Sybaritic Relationship?10/31/2012

ObamaCare has created a symbiotic relationship with women – it pays for women’s birth control and abortions and women, in turn, support keeping it in place.  READ MORE

Out With the Old, in With the N.E.W.7/15/2005

The glory of feminism, which engulfed waves of young women in the 1960s and ’70s, has increasingly lost its luster with today’s generation, many of whom have observed its radical swerve to the left. Today’s feminists have embraced an increasingly hostile and denigrating view of the male half of the species, bitterly viewing them as […]  READ MORE

Pediatricians Shun Abstinence-Only Education7/7/2005

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued new recommendations Tuesday for its official teen pregnancy policy, criticizing abstinence-only education and advocating teenage access to birth control and emergency contraception. The updated recommendations are a shift from previous policy guidelines, which stated that “abstinence counseling is an important role for all pediatricians.” The new policy undermines […]  READ MORE

Young Teen Sex:Hottest New Pop Culture Concern1/28/2005

What the girls (and guys) don’t realize is that they are getting more than they bargained for.  READ MORE

Tough and Tougher, Meet Toughest1/14/2005

Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women, has said that the next four years under a Bush administration are going to be “tough” for the feminists and that they are just going to have to be “tougher.” Well, conservative women, who have been marginalized, stereotyped, put-down, and humiliated at every turn over the […]  READ MORE

Free Love: Boulevard or Cul-de-Sac7/23/2004

Sexual cynicism vs. sexual reality. Which will win?  READ MORE

Science Proves the Case5/10/2004

The truth substantiated the pro-life arguments. Scientific data backed up the case for life.  READ MORE

Sharia, Again in Iraq?2/5/2004

Perhaps nothing illustrates the hard-won liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq any more than the freedom of their women symbolized by, for instance, the removal of burqas, sending girls back to school and bringing women back into public life. But nothing threatens that liberation any more than a nae understanding of Islamic factions specifically how some […]  READ MORE

Leaving on a Jet Plane:Illegitimacy Trends and the Nation’s Children1/16/2004

The late senator, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, famously and controversially predicted in 1970 that out-of-wedlock births in black families would soar and that the trend would soon follow in white families. Over subsequent decades, Senator Moynihan (and others) charted the illegitimacy rates that skyrocketed at a rate of almost one percent each year from the 70s […]  READ MORE

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