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The Broken Chains of Iraq11/24/2003

The last time Iraqi pastors met collectively in their own country for a Christian meeting was in 325 A.D., when they selected a group of delegates to send to the first Nicaean Council the same council which produced the Nicene Creed. Now, nearly 1,700 years later, after Saddam’s fall, another meeting has finally taken place. […]  READ MORE

Is Planned Parenthood Liable for Client’s Death?10/20/2003

“We believe in passion for change, for justice, for easing the plight of others, for caring, for living our convictions, and for confronting inhumane acts.” The words sound inspiring and comforting, like mission statements of many nonprofit groups trying to provide a beacon of light in uncertain times. But this motto isn’t from just any […]  READ MORE

Damage Control10/20/2003

Planned Parenthood has a problem on their hands. It isn’t their first, nor will it be their last. One of their clients, Holly Patterson, died on Sept. 17 after she followed their instructions for a medical abortion in Hayward, California. Apparently, clinic personnel gave Holly, who was 7-weeks pregnant, her first prescription of mifepristone on […]  READ MORE

Did Senator Boxer Contribute to Constituent’s Death?10/15/2003

A Republican governor-elect is really the least of Senator Barbara Boxer’s worries. Granted, California’s political landscape is changing. But the Senator is now in damage control and may be forced to walk a razor thin line between her passionate pro-choice views and women’s safety in the wake of a constituent’s death. Senator Boxer’s troubles began […]  READ MORE

One Hollywood Step At a Time9/25/2003

David Anderson Requests trickle in for bit parts, but nothing yet is big enough to launch his career. The odds are stacked against him more so than for other young actors trying to make it in Hollywood. He’s got the blonde hair, the great smile and the talent. But what he doesn’t have is a […]  READ MORE

Hell Hath No Fury9/17/2003

With winds once at 160 mph, she’s caused thousands to bolt to attention, wary of her enormous strength. Her name is Isabel and she’s a raging, screaming feminist to the core. A storm with a terrible vengeance, she is a whirling mass of wind and water that will leave nothing but death and destruction in […]  READ MORE

Soldier Relies on God for Victory in Iraq9/4/2003

Capt. Carter (far right) poses besidethree of his men from Attack Company. A stack of fan mail sits in his parents’ dining room largely untouched, not because he doesn’t appreciate it but because he hasn’t had time to go through it. Addressed simply to Captain Chris Carter in Watkinsville, Georgia, the letters give no more […]  READ MORE

Margaret’s Legacy8/13/2003

“What a queer thing is faith. To have faith in one what does it mean simply that that person shall remain stationary in a certain idea or thought or emotion that he shall not progress further but remain stagnant in that one particular thing in which we have our faith. How easily to upturn all […]  READ MORE

Scripture Plaques Return to Grand Canyon7/31/2003

First they were up. Then they came down. Then they went back up. But will they come down again? For 33 years, three bronze Scripture plaques have hung at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, a gift from the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary in Phoenix. The plaques bore verses from the Psalms 66:4, 68:4 […]  READ MORE

Bridal Brouhaha7/28/2003

You’ve heard that divorce rates are high hovering at about 50 percent. You’ve heard that many couples are skipping a trip down the aisle, choosing instead to live together and keep their last names. But have you heard about the bridal brouhaha at Filene’s Basement? As early as 4 a.m. on a Thursday in July, […]  READ MORE

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