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Virginity on the Auction Block7/22/2003

“I apologize to everyone who got involved in this story, but I couldn’t go ahead with it. It would be a big mistake.” The call came from a 21-year-old woman named Sandy who had planned to auction off her virginity on a Santiago radio station to pay for her tuition in the Chilean capital. The […]  READ MORE

Working the Strip in Vegas7/3/2003

Sin City. A hotbed of glitzy casinos, glossy hotels and glamorous shows swimming in a sea of neon lights. Hundreds shuffle from one casino to the next, hoping to score inside at the craps table or outside on the bustling streets. A burgeoning supply of prostitutes just a phone call away all on Las Vegas […]  READ MORE

The Spin on Condoms6/25/2003

“You’re entering a no spin zone!” So cautions Bill O’Reilly on Fox News channel’s The O’Reilly Factor, a program that polls indicate is the most watched cable news program in the USA. The show’s popularity indicates that people are tired of spin; they want to hear information straight, fair, and balanced. While there may be […]  READ MORE

Sex Ed 1016/20/2003

Why do people decide to become parents? (Choose one.) A. To build up one’s egoB. To have a child who looks like meC. To have a child who will carry on the family nameD. To have a child who will inherit the family business, money, or propertyE. All of the above This question and its […]  READ MORE

Our Hunger for the Truth6/10/2003

A lot can happen in a week Sammy Sosa’s cork-laden bat won him widespread speculation on June 3 and an eight-game suspension. The next day home-decorating queen Martha Stewart was indicted on federal charges of securities fraud and obstruction of justice in an insider-trading scandal, forcing her to relinquish her post as CEO of Martha […]  READ MORE

Sex Sells, Right?5/29/2003

Sex sells, right? Those glossy magazine covers strategically displayed at the checkout counter not only catch our eye with pictures of voluptuous women scantily clad and headlines that stir the imagination but cause some of us to buy. More skin equals more revenue. Isn’t that how it works? Like Pavlov’s dog, publishers are hoping we’ll […]  READ MORE

Want to Reduce Poverty? Get Married5/23/2003

“First comes love, then comes marriage. Then comes a baby in a baby carriage.” This tune sung by thousands of jump-roping little girls as far back as the 1940s is no longer a popular playtime song. Little girls are now growing up with the idea that babies come without marriage. In fact, 33.5 percent of […]  READ MORE

Court Deems Handicapped Girl,5/15/2003

A Dutch court has ruled that the life of a severely handicapped girl was not worth living and has ordered a hospital responsible for her care to pay compensation to the family because she was born. The “wrongful life” claim was the first of its kind in the Netherlands. Dr. Alexander von Schmid, philosopher and […]  READ MORE

The Political Correctness of an Epidemic5/8/2003

You’ve seen the images in newspapers and on television. Frightened residents of Beijing, Toronto and Hong Kong don masks as their only means of protection against severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS. At least 507 people have died from the disease and more than 7,000 are infected worldwide. The World Health Organization, WHO, now estimates […]  READ MORE

The Most Powerful Words5/1/2003

Deep in the Capitol chambers, there’s a whole lot of talk going on. Senators and members of Congress are caught up in their supremely significant roles of cajoling, persuading, wrangling, and debating their colleagues on legislation that affects thousands of lives. While certain Senators continue their obstinate filibuster of the President’s judicial nominees, Representatives carve […]  READ MORE

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