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Feminist / Women’s Issues

“Bro-Choice” for Irresponsible and Commitment-Phobic Men Everywhere7/12/2013

Aw. Poor Mr. Grumpypants is upset that he can’t kill his girlfriend’s baby after 20 weeks gestation. How inconvenient for him.  READ MORE

Texas Pro-Aborts Turn Nasty7/9/2013

Do these “tolerant” abortion supporters represent the majority of Americans? Thankfully, not by a long shot.  READ MORE

Margaret Thatcher: Leading From the Front4/9/2013

She simply emerged as one of the strongest of the post-WWII leaders, a “great stateswoman holding her own among all the statesmen of the world.”  READ MORE

CROUSE: Feminist Leaders Compared to Religious Right Leaders3/18/2013

Somewhere along the way, feminism lost its way, and power became the “be all and end all.”  READ MORE

The Truth About Transvaginal Ultrasounds2/13/2013

“Safe, legal, and rare!” That’s the mantra we hear from abortion supporters. Legal it is. Rare it is not.  READ MORE

Feminists Fought Battles and Men Won the War1/23/2013

Feminists battled to change the culture, laws, and behaviors under the guise of “equality.” Congratulations men, you won.  READ MORE

A Game of Cat and Mouth11/27/2012

Females have a reputation for not getting along with one another, being associated with interpersonal “drama.”  READ MORE

Obama’s War on Women Backfires11/6/2012

Women are a central, indispensible part of the Democratic base — single women, that is.

Hollywood’s Pundits Spout Empty Rhetoric11/5/2012

For some of the Hollywood stars, the public adulation isn’t enough.  READ MORE

ObamaCare and Women: A Symbiotic or Sybaritic Relationship?10/31/2012

ObamaCare has created a symbiotic relationship with women – it pays for women’s birth control and abortions and women, in turn, support keeping it in place.  READ MORE

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