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Pro-Life Victories at the U.N.’s Commission on Population and Development4/30/2014

Our colleague in pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-family efforts, Family Watch International (FWI), reported recently on victories at the April Meeting of the U.N.’s Commission on Population and Development (CPD).  READ MORE

Obama’s Loss of Trust and Credibility6/18/2013

Significantly, it is the Democrats, young people, independents, and minorities who are causing the shifts in approval.  READ MORE

Are We Getting to the Truth About Benghazi?5/16/2013

Even a blind squirrel sometimes finds an acorn. So why couldn’t President Obama’s White House and State Department find the truth about what happened in Benghazi?  READ MORE

President Obama: Working Hard or Hardly Working?4/30/2013

Leisure and luxury over hard work — it’s been a problem for this president ever since he first took office.  READ MORE

Morton Blackwell Talks with Dr. Janice Crouse11/6/2012

Founder and President of the Leadership Institute, Morton Blackwell, tells CWA’s Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse how his life mantra, “personnel is policy” applies to tonight’s presidential election.  READ MORE

Dr. Janice Crouse Catches Up with Diana Banister11/6/2012

Vice President and partner of the Shirley & Banister Public Policy firm talks with Dr. Crouse about the Obama administration’s negative political ads slurring reality and major turning points of today’s election.  READ MORE

Virginia Pastor Discuss America’s Road Ahead11/6/2012

Northern Virginia pastor, historian and author, David Stokes, calls into the CWA studio to discuss the country’s future following the most important election of our lifetime.  READ MORE

Crouse: Sandy’s Passed, Benghazi Storm Intensifies11/1/2012

Hurricane diligence was sorely needed during Libya debacle.  READ MORE

CROUSE: Biden Distracts While Obama Steals our Freedoms10/16/2012

Elections ultimately come down to a basic question for the voting public: Which candidate do you trust?  READ MORE

World Public Forum Seeks Renewal of Values to Strengthen Civilizations10/15/2012

Over 500 leaders from around the world gathered in Rhodes, Greece to protect religious and cultural traditions and the values that have strengthened civilizations.  READ MORE

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