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Demonizing Romney8/10/2012

If Hollywood put out a casting call for a leading man to play the president of the United States, Mitt Romney would fit the bill to perfection.  READ MORE

CWA leader helps plan 2012 World Congress of Families10/26/2011

Concerned Women for America (CWA) played a leading role at the October 14-15 International Planning Committee Meeting (IPC) for the upcoming World Congress of Families VI (WCF VI), which will take place in Madrid on May 25-27, 2012.  READ MORE

Social Issues Are Not Going Away in 20129/15/2011

Frankly, how the government spends taxpayer money comes down to moral issues.  READ MORE

Fiscal Crisis at a Tipping Point7/11/2011

The only way out of this fiscal crisis is to go back to those historically-proven, time-honored principles that are the foundation of this great nation.  READ MORE

A Declaration about America’s Fiscal Crisis6/27/2011

The outcry over deficit spending and the rapidly escalating national debt is reaching ear-piercing levels, and dire warnings about the economy from every corner of the nation. Read More.  READ MORE

Projected Federal Deficit5/6/2011

Obama ignored the fiscal predicament in which we find ourselves, and it was not just Republicans who called him on it (the Washington Post, for one, called him the “Punter-in-Chief”).  READ MORE

Why is President Obama ‘Leading From Behind’?4/26/2011

An Obama adviser who describes the president’s style as “leading from behind.”  READ MORE

The 4.4 Trillion Dollar Man4/7/2011

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) has introduced the GOP budget proposal for the coming fiscal year.  READ MORE

Keys to President Reagan’s Effectiveness2/3/2011

President Reagan was a highly effective president, even though he came to the presidency in times that were just as uncertain as today.  READ MORE

Obama: Big government is back, babySOTU speech focused on more power for feds1/27/2011

The president called for the nation to do “big things,” yet he cited only government programs and initiatives as examples of “innovation.”  READ MORE

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