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United Nations

The Real ‘War On Women’ is Happening in the Middle East3/24/2015

While the radical feminists in the U.S. continue their hysterical push for abortions after five months of pregnancy, TheBlaze reports that another Afghan woman was killed at the hands of Islamists extremists.  READ MORE

REPORT: United Nations Attempts to Fix All Women’s Problems5/31/2013

According to the United Nations, one solution has the power to fix every problem women face around the world.  READ MORE

Caribbean Conference on Life and Family Ignites in Trinidad-Tobago5/9/2012

Dr. Janice Crouse at the World Congress of Families.  READ MORE

UN Speak at the CSW: New Wine in Old Bottles3/5/2012

The 56th annual meeting of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) continues its attempts to spread its radical interpretations of “women’s rights” around the globe.  READ MORE

Recapping the Moscow Demographic Summit7/7/2011

Battling Russia’s negative population growth and shares her experiences.  READ MORE

World Congress of Families is Going to Madrid5/5/2011

The upcoming World Congress of Families VI (WCF) will be held in Madrid, Spain, May 25-27, 2012.  READ MORE

Could U.N. Treaties be Ratified by Executive Order?5/27/2010

The U.S. State Department is asking local and state human rights commissions to help them prepare a report to the U.N. about how the U.S. is advancing human rights as set forth in various U.N. treaties – many of which the Untied States has not ratified.  READ MORE

A Report on the U.N.’s Shocking Sexuality Guidelines8/31/2009

Once again, the worst of U.S. radical ideology is being exported around the world through these guidelines based on SIECUS recommendations.  READ MORE

The Push for the U.N. to GEAR Up3/7/2008

Some want to reform not the U.N., but its entire “gender architecture.”  READ MORE

The U.N.’s Solution to Teen Pregnancy3/3/2008

UNFPA declares that “pregnancy is the number one killer of adolescent girls.”

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