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YWA President Makes Headlines — Standing for First Amendment Rights11/25/2015

Click here to read the full article on The Washington Times.  READ MORE

Why Women Don’t Need Planned Parenthood11/24/2015

Planned Parenthood supporters insist taxpayers should continue to fund Planned Parenthood because “women will have nowhere to go.”  This is simply not true.  For example, many political pundits and Hollywood elites speaking up for Planned Parenthood love to ask, “Where will women go to get a mammogram?”  The answer seems to be, ironically, wherever they […]  READ MORE

For America (Day 59) — A Prayer of Thanksgiving –11/24/2015

As we gather to eat with family, We’re thankful for the day-to-day gift, But we recognize the best present, Is at Your heavenly table we’ll one day sit. What’s more, we are grateful: That You have adopted us, Given us an inheritance that is new, And promised an eternity Spent with an amazing You.  READ MORE

Fear: The Enemy’s Favorite Tool11/20/2015

Fear has been weighing me down for the past year, filling my mind with lies. I have not been trusting, but constantly worrying. I was waking up every morning anxious for what the day would hold. This quickly escalated into daily worry about the news notifications I would receive from FoxNews and CNN.  READ MORE

American Victims of Iranian and Palestinian Terrorism11/13/2015

In a hearing on Wednesday, November 4, eight witnesses testified before the Committee on the Judiciary. Some were victims of Iranian or Palestinian terrorism themselves, while others testified on behalf of family members who lost their lives as a result of this extremism. The focus of this hearing was to illuminate the ways in which the […]  READ MORE

Reflection on Veterans Day11/13/2015

On November 11, millions of Americans stay home from work and school to remember and honor the veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. However, it’s a day that is so much more than simply a day off from work or school. It’s a day to reflect on the sacrifices of millions of servicemen/women and their […]  READ MORE

‘If the Family Breaks down, Society Breaks Down’11/11/2015

Just like in the earlier debate, the moderators on the Fox Business primetime debate stayed clear of the spotlight for the most part, allowing the candidates to be the story last night.  They had much to talk about: cutting spending, lowering taxes, repealing Obamacare, creating jobs and cutting back on regulations.  READ MORE

FOX Business Undercard Debate All Business11/10/2015

Tonight’s undercard debate was all business. It was a focused debate, and the candidates were focused on their message, also. That’s a good thing. I think we’ve had enough of moderators becoming the story. Tonight, they talked policy, and each candidate got the opportunity to lay out their vision for the American economy.  READ MORE

‘Sex Week’: The Contradiction of Our Century11/5/2015

You’ve heard of Spirit Week on college campuses, but have you heard of “Sex Week”? Believe it or not, Sex Week is a thing, and it’s not just a wild fraternity ploy on some obscure campus, either.  READ MORE

The Original Undercover Planned Parenthood Video10/23/2015

Chris Wallace, when still working for ABC, did a 20/20 investigative report which aired on March 9, 2000.  It covered the exact themes we now see in the Center for Medical Progress videos — namely profiting from fetal tissue sales obtained from abortion and altering those abortion procedures in order to obtain that tissue.  READ MORE

Help Us Defund Planned Parenthood!

As if the targeting of our most defenseless citizens weren't enough, Planned Parenthood stoops even lower -- by selling the organs of the freshly aborted children!

This is an outrage! It must end ... now! Help us defund Planned Parenthood today!

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