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State Leader Spotlight: Kori Peterson11/23/2015

Kori Peterson, Area Director, CWA of Southern California Policy Passion Sanctity of Life What’s your CWA story? I heard about Concerned Women for America (CWA) on the radio just after I first became a Christian. One of my favorite radio programs was Beverly LaHaye Live. Beverly LaHaye is the founder of Concerned Women for America. […]  READ MORE

California Crises Pregnancy Centers Forced to Post Signs Directing Women to Abortion Clinics11/19/2015

Janae Stracke on One America News Network.  READ MORE

Calling All Californians! Join Us in Keeping Men Out of Women’s Bathrooms!11/19/2015

Hello friends! You can make a difference!  Protect the privacy of women and children. Great news!  The Privacy For All campaign that would ensure that men do not use women’s bathrooms and facilities in government buildings (and vice versa), has extended its petition deadline to December 15, 2015.  If enough signatures are gathered, this initiative […]  READ MORE

How to Conduct a Petition Drive at Your Church11/18/2015

Click here to read and/or print handout.  READ MORE

From Abortion Pain to Influencing Public Policy11/15/2015

CWA of Southern California Area Representative Kori Peterson interviewed by Kim Ketola on Cradle My Heart Radio.   Listen to it now on iTunes.  Scroll down to title: From Abortion to Influencing Public Policy.  READ MORE

Updated California Targeted Bills List Now Available10/23/2015

Please read, act, pray and forward this updated Targeted Bills List on to friends and family to do the same.  READ MORE

Take the Initiative to Protect the Privacy of All Californians10/19/2015

Do you remember the co-ed bathroom bill (AB 1266) which passed, and then we gathered a massive number of referendum signatures, and then the Secretary of State threw out just enough (a whopping 130,000) to negate the referendum, and then it was challenged in court and is still there today? Remember that? Great news!  We […]  READ MORE

Tell Gov. Brown to Veto the Two Pro-Death Bills Currently on His Desk9/16/2015


California Legislature Wants to Force CPCs to Give Abortion Referral. Encourage Gov. Brown to Veto AB 775!9/4/2015

In May the California Assembly voted 49-26 in favor of forcing Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC) to give abortion referrals (AB 775). Yesterday the Senate voted, on a party line vote of 23-14, in support of the bill. It will now move to Gov. Brown’s desk. Please contact Gov. Brown and ask him to veto AB […]  READ MORE

California Assisted Suicide Bill Dead?8/7/2015

We recently announced that SB 128, the assisted suicide bill, has come to a halt but we cannot assume the bill will not return one way or another. In truth, we are expecting it to make a comeback. Bills have come back from a presumed demise before. Please continue contacting your Assembly Members and voice […]  READ MORE

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As if the targeting of our most defenseless citizens weren't enough, Planned Parenthood stoops even lower -- by selling the organs of the freshly aborted children!

This is an outrage! It must end ... now! Help us defund Planned Parenthood today!

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