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Defense of Family

Not-So-Free Love6/25/2013

Michael Douglas recently dropped a bombshell in revealing the cause of his throat cancer: HPV from oral sex.  READ MORE

Concerned Women for America Condemns Allegations of Cover Up in State Dept6/12/2013

Concerned Women for America Condemns Allegations of Cover Up in State Dept WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senior State Department and Diplomatic Security officials may have covered up or stopped investigations of inappropriate or even criminal misconduct by staff, according to an internal memo from the department’s Office of the Inspector General. The allegations include soliciting sexual […]  READ MORE

NANCE: Fox News in the Hen House6/11/2013

Oh boy, were there fireworks on Fox News last week when well-intentioned, geeky guys got it wrong about women.  READ MORE

NANCE: Are You Willing to Stand for Marriage After a Court Ruling?6/11/2013

The time has come to decide whether you will be the David to this Goliath in our culture. Are you willing?  READ MORE

Must See [Video]: Rep. Gowdy Gets It!6/6/2013

Getting to the heart of the matter on the IRS scandal. This is about real people. Real women.  READ MORE

Toward a More Family-Friendly Planet6/4/2013

Despite the unrelenting assaults, the pro-family movement is growing into an international counterweight to the United Nations.  READ MORE

NANCE: The Orphan Crisis In America5/30/2013

There is a quiet crisis playing out in our nation that most women don’t know exists.  READ MORE

Boy, Oh Boy …5/29/2013

After years of intense pressure from the Left, the Boy Scouts of America’s National Council finally voted to allow openly homosexual young men in their ranks.  READ MORE

Concerned Women for America Urges Boy Scouts to Remain True to Founding Principles5/23/2013

We delivered 8,209 petitions to BSA leadership today in hopes that they would earn their next badge, “Courage” – courage to stand true to themselves under attack from a well-funded, aggressive minority. Sex and politics do not belong in the  READ MORE

DIAZ: Beware of Rob Bell5/23/2013

The issue is the authority of God’s Word and our sincere, humble, reverent approach in reading it.  READ MORE

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