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Defense of Family

[AUDIO] The Art of Homemaking10/15/2013

Learn more about the Art of Homemaking Conference to be held October 25-26, 2013.

[VIDEO] “Care” Ad9/17/2013

Here is just of the many reasons more Americans than ever want Obamacare repealed. It puts government between you and your doctor.
Click here to watch.  READ MORE

Concerned Women for America Asks Montana District Judge to Recuse Himself from Rape Case9/5/2013

“Nance: While we are pleased with a new sentencing hearing, Judge Baugh has proven he is not fit to serve. We still question his judgment in this case.”  READ MORE

Seven Lessons on Hope8/23/2013

God is currently teaching me about Hope in the face of disheartenment.  You can probably relate.  As humans, we all have a working knowledge of disappointment.  Maybe you’re experiencing discouragement because of workplace tensions, declining health, or relational rejection; or maybe the immense problems our country is facing — like our massive national debt crisis […]  READ MORE

Penny Nance @ the Family Leadership Summit8/21/2013


Recent CWA Articles7/29/2013

Moms and Dads: Teach responsibility and courage to your children! Check out the CWA article, “Bro-Choice” for Irresponsible and Commitment-Phobic Men Everywhere Is this problem coming to Washington State? Help us draw a line!  READ MORE

The Issue Is Not Hillary’s Age; It Is Her Politics and Legacy of Scandals7/3/2013

According to a recent New York Times story, the Republicans are targeting Hillary Clinton’s age. If this is indeed the GOP’s strategy for running against Hillary in 2016, then they really are the “Stupid Party.” As if the party was not sufficiently hammered with the Democrat’s and Obama’s phony “war on women” mantra in the […]  READ MORE

In the Midst of Destruction6/28/2013

As Christians, we believe that marriage is a union between a husband and wife that displays the love God has for His church.  READ MORE

CWA of Georgia Standing Strong for Traditional Marriage6/28/2013

State Director quoted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and interviewed by CBS Atlanta  READ MORE

What Brought Down the Defense of Marriage Act?6/27/2013

Legal Counsel for Concerned Women for America, Mario Diaz, Esq., provides a clear explanation of what unfurled at the Supreme Court.  READ MORE

Duty to God or men? Boy Scouts: Protect Our Children!

Stand with us to protect the American family

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