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Each year our state legislators meet in the capitol for 60 days to hammer out the state budget. In the course of those days as many as 1,000 to 2,000 bills are filed. While CWA of Florida monitored the session, tracked bills, attended committee meetings, and met with legislators, there were only two bills in […]  READ MORE

A Look Back at 2014 and On the Move in 20152/13/2015

Greeting CWA of Florida friends! I cannot believe January is already gone. 2014 went by like a whirlwind, and 2015 has already begun to do the same. Last year CWA of Florida ladies and gentlemen spent nearly 200 hours a week calling from June to November concerning the election. We consumed much coffee and many […]  READ MORE

Florida Attorney General Defends Marriage6/5/2014

Do you feel like you only hear bad news anymore? Well not today! I have great news! Your Attorney General, Pam Bondi, took a very public stance in defense of marriage this week with an amazing statement you can read here AND her office filed a legal brief defending Florida voter’s decision in 2008 to […]  READ MORE

Florida ‘Safe Harbor’ Law Facing Problems4/1/2014

A must read by Research Fellow for the Beverly LaHaye Institute Brenda Zurita.  READ MORE

CWA of Florida Responds to Supreme Court Decision7/15/2013

Am I saddened with the Supreme Court’s Decision? Yes, but I will be sadder if you give up.  READ MORE

Florida Legislative Summary 20135/30/2013

Some great bills passed!  READ MORE

Time to Stand3/14/2013

Check out CWA national’s recent blog post concerning the life issue. A must read!  READ MORE

CWA She Votes 2012 Florida hosts She Votes 2012 Phone Bank to Get-Out-the Vote on November 610/24/2012

Concerned Women for America (CWA) of Florida will be hosting multiple phone banks over the next two weeks as part of the She Votes 2012 project, a get-out-the-vote project of Concerned Women for America.  READ MORE

Florida: Gov. Scott Video in Support of the She Votes 2012 Project in Florida10/9/2012

Pass it on!  READ MORE

Florida: CWA of Florida’s She Votes 2012 Kickoff Meeting Noted in Local Paper9/5/2012

Consider getting involved! It’s about food, fun, fellowship and impact!  READ MORE

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