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CWA State Director Tamara Scott Speaks at June 19 March for Marriage6/23/2014

View Tamara’s speech at 2:02:11 as well as CWA Communications Director Alison Howard’s right before her at 2:01:50.  READ MORE

State Director Tamara Scott Introduces CWA of Iowa on -The 98.3 Torch, Common Sense Radio6/13/2014

Morning Drive with Robert Rees 6/12  Hour 4.  Start listening at 25.05.  READ MORE

Hatewave Headed for Florida AG Pam Bondi – Let us Iowans Send Her Some Warm and Welcome Thoughts Instead6/9/2014

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is a rare gem in the judicial arena. She continues to uphold the Constitution when others have been intimidated right out of their oath to protect it, but she’s taking heat for it. Apparently being pro-LGBTQ-minded can make one anti-Constitution, as Bondi’s received a “hatewave” of angry and vulgar posts […]  READ MORE

Primary Voting Day is Here! Vote Today Until 9:00 p.m.6/3/2014

This is your chance to select the candidate you WANT; don’t let others decide for you. If primaries were actually utilized, we wouldn’t have to worry about voting for the lesser of two evils in November. Today is the day – Cast your vote: 1 – Pray for discernment. Hosea 14:9 2 – Read the […]  READ MORE

Heart Change Equals Cultural Change Declared on Iowa Senate Floor4/11/2014

State Sen. Dennis Guth (R-District 4) Speaks about bullying bill and how the answer is a change of heart through Jesus Christ. View video at 5.50.  READ MORE

Pray for Peace of Jerusalem3/26/2014

Concerned Women for America of Iowa members Diana Cummins Bates and I were able to attend the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference (AIPAC) March 1-4, 2014. The conference this year centered on the idea that Israel is not just a Jewish issue; it is an American issue. AIPAC is building outreach programs with […]  READ MORE

Senator Chuck Grassley-Iowa Leads Effort to Defund Common Core in U.S. Senate3/25/2014

Senator Grassley (R-IA) is circulating a letter in the US Senate to block further funding for Common Core State Standards. Please e-mail Senator Grassley and let him know you appreciate him leading the charge by circulating a “Dear Colleague” letter seeking cosigners that will be sent to the leaders of the Senate Labor, Health and […]  READ MORE

Is Common Core / Iowa Core Concerning?3/4/2014

Revised 3/6/14: Review a handful of credible articles, speeches, brochures and more. Don’t delay; you need to know the dangers of Common Core / Iowa Core before it’s too late. Stop Common Core Brochure (Feel free to print or order them from the state office by e-mailing Stop Common Core – brochure Stop Common […]  READ MORE

Iowa Core is Common Core3/4/2014

Iowa Department of Education Website reveals 84-93% similarity.  READ MORE

Cascading Momentum for the Stop Common Core Movement3/3/2014

Note what it going on in other states concerning Common Core. Provided by American Principles Project.  Click for more information.  READ MORE

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