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2011 Legislative Update2/2/2011

CWA of Kansas tracks legislation affecting the family in the areas of: definition of the family, sanctity of human life, education, pornography, religious liberty, and national sovereignty.  READ MORE

Prayer on the Hill – January 101/4/2011

Come be a part of the prayer walk around the Capitol, and pray for legislators’ specific requests. Prayer is our secret weapon!  READ MORE

Springtime in America3/8/2010

We think because we are Americans that we can rest on the laurels of past seasons; this is an unwise path to walk.  READ MORE

2010 Legislative Update1/10/2010

The State Director’s Thoughts, updates on Kansas legislation, and information on current national legislation.

Thoughts from the State Director1/7/2010

For each Legislative Update, CWA’s State Director of Kansas, Judy Smith, writes a “Thoughts” column. The topics are taken from the current news, Bible study, or just observations made. We are collecting them here for your enjoyment and/or encouragement.  READ MORE

Kinsey in Kansas9/27/2004

CWA of Kansas’ RSVP Campaign exposes Alfred Kinsey’s fraudulent sex research.  READ MORE

Family Concerns10/31/2002

Family Concerns is a one-page well-documented paper on a current issue.  READ MORE

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