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National Sovereignty

Todos Somos Cat11/11/2013

Las Mujeres Preocupadas por Am  READ MORE

[VIDEO] The Only Hope for America11/8/2013

See part of “My Hope With Billy Graham” – a powerful new message of Hope from Billy Graham.  READ MORE

[VIDEO] Family in America Capitol Hill Symposium11/6/2013

Family Policy Lessons
From Other Lands:
What Should America Learn?
Fri. Nov. 15

D.C. Circuit Court Nominee as Extreme as They Come10/30/2013

Cornelia Pillard is one of the most radical nominees we have ever seen to such an important court.  READ MORE

[VIDEO] ObamaCare Line 5: Enforcement Anyone?10/28/2013

What a phone call for health care may sound like in the near future…

[VIDEO] Obamacare Line (4): Special Treatment for Congress10/22/2013

If ObamaCare is so great, why are Congress and the White House getting special deals?

[AUDIO] Keep Your Spending Aligned with Your Values10/21/2013

Dr. David Black shares exciting news about a new app that will help you keep your conservative values aligned with your spending.  READ MORE

Declaración en Respuesta al Mandato HHS10/17/2013

English | Espanol Fondo: La Administraci Obama ha mandado que la mayor de los planes micos cubran completamente todas las pastillas contraceptivas (incluyendo pastillas que inducen aborto como Ella y Plan B) y esterilizaciones. El mandato incluye una exenci religiosa que le ofrece a los grupos organizados basados en su fun a para que busquen […]  READ MORE

Cuando Te Hablen de ObamaCare, Piensa en Estas Hermanas10/16/2013

El mero hecho de que exista esta “exenci  READ MORE

[VIDEO] Obamacare Line (3): Seniors Beware10/15/2013

What a phone call for health care may sound like in the near future…

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