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National Sovereignty

[VIDEO] More Spending NOT the Solution8/22/2013

Join CWA as we fight business as usual in Washington, D.C. We cannot spend our way out of this debt crisis!
Watch here  READ MORE

The Immorality of Debt: What the Bible Says about the Debt Crisis8/20/2013

Imagine how Congress could improve the fiscal crisis if it only upheld ten basic Biblical principles on debt.  READ MORE

Why it’s Compassionate to Oppose Government Handouts8/15/2013

Compassion. Justice. Inequality. These hefty words have been hijacked by Leftists. Christians are struggling to get them back. But we are having a hard time shaking the nasty names being hurled our way in the battle of entitlement programs (a.k.a. government handouts) You know the insults: uncompassionate, heartless, and selfish. Ironic labels, considering Christian conservatives […]  READ MORE

[VIDEO] Strong Families = Strong Economy8/15/2013

Check out CWA’s new video, which raises awareness of the current debt crisis America faces. Be sure to share it with your friends and family!

Our Debt Crisis8/15/2013

Businesses closing overnight. A shaky stock market. Unbelievably high unemployment. Dark days lie ahead. Learn More  READ MORE

NANCE: Immoral Politicos Must Seek Redemption Not Power8/13/2013

Barry, Filner, Wiener, Sanford, and every one of us are broken people in need of true personal repentance.  READ MORE

A Christian Response to the Fiscal Crisis8/5/2013

As a nation, we must reduce our fiscal mess. But Christians suggesting entitlement reform are dubbed uncompassionate by their liberal peers. Pastor David Stokes explains how to refute these false claims and what the Bible says about debt.  READ MORE

Self-Evident Truths, Part X: Thou Shall Not Covet7/31/2013

The commandment reveals a deep understanding of the human heart, which is simply indispensable to the proper governing of any people.  READ MORE

Senate Nuclear Showdown Needs Jack Bauer7/16/2013

This is not about obstruction. As I have noted before, this nuclear threat comes as a result of an unusually weak Democratic leadership that panders to radical, leftist groups time and again.

The Issue Is Not Hillary’s Age; It Is Her Politics and Legacy of Scandals7/3/2013

According to a recent New York Times story, the Republicans are targeting Hillary Clinton’s age. If this is indeed the GOP’s strategy for running against Hillary in 2016, then they really are the “Stupid Party.” As if the party was not sufficiently hammered with the Democrat’s and Obama’s phony “war on women” mantra in the […]  READ MORE

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