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National Sovereignty

What Obamacare means to Little Sisters of the Poor10/15/2013

The Obama Administration insists on making people of faith violate their deeply held religious beliefs.
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[VIDEO] Obamacare Line (1): What a phone call for health care may sound like10/3/2013

The future is now! Enjoy this video of what we thought would happen and what we are seeing today with Obamacare.

Always Remember, Never Forget9/11/2013

“In the face of all this evil, we remain strong and united, ‘One Nation Under God.’” – President George W. Bush  READ MORE

Always Remember the Benghazi Four9/11/2013

“God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear.” Psalm 46 1-2  READ MORE

[VIDEO] Stokes Uncensored: America’s Debt Crisis9/5/2013

With a 17 trillion dollar debt crisis, has America reached the point of no return? Check out our exclusive interview with best-selling author and commentator Pastor David. R. Stokes.

Budgeting Defined9/3/2013

Nothing in Washington is ever simple, and that includes the jargon. With that in mind, here’s our handy-dandy guide to fiscalspeak.  READ MORE

[VIDEO] More Spending NOT the Solution8/22/2013

Join CWA as we fight business as usual in Washington, D.C. We cannot spend our way out of this debt crisis!
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The Immorality of Debt: What the Bible Says about the Debt Crisis8/20/2013

Imagine how Congress could improve the fiscal crisis if it only upheld ten basic Biblical principles on debt.  READ MORE

Why it’s Compassionate to Oppose Government Handouts8/15/2013

Compassion. Justice. Inequality. These hefty words have been hijacked by Leftists. Christians are struggling to get them back. But we are having a hard time shaking the nasty names being hurled our way in the battle of entitlement programs (a.k.a. government handouts) You know the insults: uncompassionate, heartless, and selfish. Ironic labels, considering Christian conservatives […]  READ MORE

[VIDEO] Strong Families = Strong Economy8/15/2013

Check out CWA’s new video, which raises awareness of the current debt crisis America faces. Be sure to share it with your friends and family!

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As if the targeting of our most defenseless citizens weren't enough, Planned Parenthood stoops even lower -- by selling the organs of the freshly aborted children!

This is an outrage! It must end ... now! Help us defund Planned Parenthood today!

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