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News and Events

Marriage and the Church- Guidelines for Emerging Threats4/17/2014

In the wake of the ever-evolving cultural, political, and legal definition of marriage in our nation, all churches should act proactively to define their religious beliefs regarding marriage and sexuality.  READ MORE

Unmarried Women are Key to 2014 Election Results4/17/2014

Stanley Greenberg’s latest article on the Politico website reveals the importance of unmarried women to election outcomes. What is of special interest is that the priorities for unmarried women, as shown in Greenberg’s polls, correspond with amazing accuracy with the radical left agenda.  READ MORE

Judge Voids North Dakota ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Law4/17/2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 17, 2014 MEDIA CONTACT: Alison Howard 202-266-4816 PRESS RELEASE Judge Voids North Dakota ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Law  READ MORE

The Last Week – Easter Week Scripture4/16/2014

Follow the last week of Jesus’ earthly life with Scripture from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.  READ MORE

World’s Toughest Job4/16/2014

Have you ever considered what the world’s tough job entails? And who would apply? A group held interviews for the world’s toughest job and we love how it ends.  READ MORE

Once Upon a Donkey4/15/2014

My title might suggest a fairytale, but the story I’m about to tell you is absolutely true — and amazing. It is Luke’s account of the triumphal entry.  READ MORE

Obama’s March Madness4/15/2014

This month, college basketball teams aren’t the only ones experiencing madness. The Supreme Court is also facing a rather eventful month.  READ MORE

Another Week, Another Common Core Failure4/14/2014

Pauline Hawkins has been a high school English teacher in Colorado for 11 years, but she is leaving the job she loves over an ethical disagreement with the Common Core State Standards Initiative  READ MORE

Paycheck Fairness Act (S.2199) Opposition Letter4/9/2014

While the President’s 77 cent myth makes a good talking point, that number ignores the variables that are unique to the choices women make, which differ from men, in their work/life balance.  Read CWALAC’s letter (click here) of opposition to the Paycheck Fairness Act (S.2199) that would harm women in the workforce.    READ MORE

Mozilla’s Culture War Is a Bad Model for Business4/8/2014

The decision to remove Mozilla CEO Brandon Eich is not good for anyone on any side of the culture war.  READ MORE

Petition to FCC Chairman Wheeler: Holding the FCC Accountable

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