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Uncle Sam Needs to Keep His Hands Off of Our Daughters4/28/2016

The House Armed Services Committee voted Wednesday, April 27, on Amendment 224 to HR 4909, introduced by Congressman Duncan Hunter of California, to require women 18–26 to register for the Selective Service. This amendment would make these women available to be drafted into military combat. Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America, […]  READ MORE

Target’s Trans Bathroom Policy Really Isn’t about Bathrooms4/26/2016

Target has officially succumbed to the bathroom political pressure. I won’t lie; I was a fan of the products at Target stores and spent a decent amount of money there. The dollar bin placed ever-so-conveniently by the checkout line gets me every time. But what I’m not a fan of is that as of recent,  READ MORE

Debunking the Wage Gap: We Are Not Victims4/25/2016

We have so many opportunities in the workforce, yet women are often still told that we’ve got to run ourselves ragged and forego balance in order to break through the glass ceiling. Why? Part of the reason work-life balance is difficult to achieve is because our society places so much weight on the financial success  READ MORE

Sen. Mark Kirk Pushes for Men in Women’s Restrooms – and a Supreme Court to Force It on Us4/18/2016

Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) is under extreme pressure in his home state where he is being challenged by Democrat Tammy Duckworth for his senate seat. And that is the least of his problems.  READ MORE

If You Are Pro-Life, Memorize These 10 Simple Facts4/18/2016

You can use this chart as a guide to talking to uncertain or pro-choice friends curious about why you are pro-life and to motivate the passively pro-life towards further action. Facts 1-3 are about abortion in America. Facts 4 and 5 are about the corruption of the abortion industry. Facts 6 and 7 are about […]  READ MORE

Why I Support Snooping on our Kids4/18/2016

Editor’s note: The following oped is excerpted from “Feisty & Feminine” (Zondervan, April 12, 2016) by Penny Young Nance. When my daughter Claire was around eighth or ninth grade, she came home one day in a bad mood. Granted, at that point in her life being moody was not that odd, so I didn’t question […]  READ MORE

The Feisty and Feminine Tour Stops by the Eric Metaxas Show4/15/2016

Listen to CWA CEO and President Penny Nance talk about her new book on one of the hottest new shows in America!  READ MORE

We Asked. You Acted.4/13/2016

The staff at Concerned Women for America (CWA) is extremely grateful that our members are not simply supporters in name but in deed. Our mailboxes were flooded with stacks of petitions expressing our members’ support for the defense of marriage and the family. Each signature represented a member who was stating that he or she […]  READ MORE

Breaking the Billion-Dollar Bondage of Pornography4/12/2016

Pornography: it is a billion-dollar industry wreaking havoc on our men, women and children. Yet, it is rare to hear much about it. That is until recently, as more extensive research is done on the issue, all pointing to pornography’s many harms. Today, our culture paints pornography as harmless, but researchers have found an overwhelming  READ MORE

Scraping for Obama’s Supreme Court Legacy4/7/2016

Despite the plethora of White House-manufactured, media-driven stories that the “GOP [is] suffering under pressure” from President Barack Obama’s push to confirm a third liberal justice to the U.S. Supreme Court, there’s just nothing there.  READ MORE

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