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[LBB] Judge Refuses Big Abortion’s Push to Interfere with Planned Parenthood Congressional Investigation10/7/2015

Big abortion is scared.  Planned Parenthood and its cohorts have been exposed by the recent undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) showing how the abortion giant is profiting from the sale of the organs of aborted babies.  Ever since the first video came out, they have been doing all they can to […]  READ MORE

Protecting Lives That Can Feel Pain10/7/2015

  Young Women for America staff is on the road again! On a recent trip to Cedarville University in Ohio, Project Coordinator and Writer, Hannah Wegman, interviewed with the Center for Bioethics regarding the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Our staff is not only going coast-to-coast to start Young Women for America chapters; they are also educating and preparing students to engage with their peers  READ MORE Health Care Women Deserve9/29/2015

Today is the official launch of a new website called Concerned Women for America is proud to sponsor this website because we believe it is important for women to know they have real choices when it comes to health care. Concerned Women for America Communications Coordinator Janae Stracke spoke at the website’s launch press […]  READ MORE

Fighting sexual abuse in Afghanistan9/29/2015

There is a deep and growing malignancy under the supervision of the U.S. military, one that threatens our nation’s moral authority and perhaps our very souls. Our commander in chief must take steps to address it or it will destroy our ability to win the war on terror. Every woman in this country should be […]  READ MORE

Sex Trafficking Victims Branded by a New King9/29/2015

Crowned. When you read the word, what descriptions come to mind? For most, it signifies one who is deemed royal, favored, respected, and dignified. But for women who have been the victim of sex trafficking, being “crowned” has a completely different meaning.  READ MORE

Penny Nance Reacts to Resignation of House Speaker John Boehner9/25/2015

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced he would be resigning at the end of October. Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee CEO and President Penny Nance had this to say: “We are thankful for the pro-life efforts and legislation that Speaker Boehner was able to influence during his time in […]  READ MORE

[LBB] The Pope’s Wasted Opportunity on Life9/24/2015

Just two days after the U.S. Senate voted down the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which merely seeks to protect children in the womb after it has been scientifically proven that they can feel pain (at 20 weeks), Pope Francis had the opportunity to send a decisive message about the injustice being committed in the […]  READ MORE

I Would Rather Be Caught by ISIS Than Stand with Kim Davis9/23/2015

Don’t panic; or maybe you should. The title of this article is based on the consensus I got from an overwhelming number of Christians. From fellow believers, the response to Kim Davis was surprisingly 50/50. Either she was a hero of the faith, courageous, and may we dare to think we ourselves  READ MORE

Senate Votes Down Pain-Capable Child Protection Act9/22/2015

Washington, D.C. - Today the Senate voted against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, S.1553 54 to 42. This legislation would have protected babies from abortions after five months when babies can feel pain. Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee CEO and President Penny Nance had this to say: “I am disappointed in the intellectual dishonesty […]  READ MORE

First Time Senate Will Vote on Pain Capable Child Protection Act9/21/2015

Washington, D.C. – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that tomorrow the Senate will vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, S.1553. The United States is one of just seven countries that allow abortions past 20 weeks. The other six nations include: Canada, China, the Netherlands, North Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam. Concerned Women for […]  READ MORE

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