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North Dakota

On Scalia’s Replacement: Let the People Decide4/29/2016

State Director Linda Thorson’s letter to the editor about the Supreme Court vacancy was printed in the Grand Forks Herald.  READ MORE

Hoeven Stands Firm for We the People4/26/2016

State Director Linda Thorson’s letter to the editor about the Supreme Court vacancy was printed in the Fargo Forum.  READ MORE

Pro-life Advocates Protest Against Planned Parenthood4/24/2016

State Director Linda Thorson participates in protest.  View news coverage.  Linda is on the far right holding large sign.  READ MORE

Hoeven Giving Us the Choice4/21/2016

State Director Linda Thorson’s letter to the editor about the Supreme Court vacancy was printed in the The Bismark Tribune.  READ MORE

Abortion Advocates Should Bear Shame3/18/2016

State Director’s letter to the editor posted on “When you hear those who are pro-abortion state that the cost of the battle over the North Dakota Heartbeat Bill wasn’t worth it, ask yourself, ‘How much is human life worth?’”…  READ MORE

Abortion Foes in North Dakota Fight On2/2/2016

State Director Linda Thorson’s letter on  READ MORE

Cultivating a Culture of Life … Coast-to-Coast!1/26/2016

When the laborers are many, we cover an immense amount of field! This past Life Week, Concerned Women for America (CWA) and Young Women for America (YWA) advocated for women and the unborn across the United States.  READ MORE

CWA of North Dakota Responds to SCOTUS’ Refusal to Hear The North Dakota’s Heartbeat Law1/25/2016

Concerned Women for America of North Dakota (CWA) is saddened  by the refusal of the Supreme Court of the United States ( SCOTUS ) to hear North Dakota’s Heartbeat law, a law that would ban abortion in our state after a detectable fetal heartbeat. The U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeal in its opinion encouraged […]  READ MORE

Cover North Dakota’s Heartbeat Bill and the Month’s Pro-Life Events in Prayer! Then, Take Action! And Never Cease Praising God!1/15/2016

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Let’s welcome in the New Year with prayer, action and praise!   How exciting to know we reach the throne of El Elyon, “God Most High”, when we pray and offer up praise and that He is with us as we seek to protect those created in His image. Pray: […]  READ MORE

CWA of North Dakota Responds to Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards Visit to Fargo With Message of Life12/14/2015

On the night President Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood came to Fargo, Linda Thorson, CWA of North Dakota State Director joined more than 100 others to sing Christmas Carols about the Newborn King near an empty manger to bring awareness of all the babies who are not on earth because of abortion. Several media sources […]  READ MORE

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