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The Texas State Board of Education Needs to Hear From You TODAY11/19/2014

The following e-mail was sent to CWA of Texas by the Chairman of the State Board of Education who feels as we do that our children deserve an education based on fact not on politically correct spin. Please read and help her! Ann Hettinger State Director CWA of Texas From: Barbara Cargill <> […]  READ MORE

San Antonio, Texas: New Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic to Open11/17/2014

Concerned Women for America of Texas opposes the work now being done to renovate an existing building to create a new Planned Parenthood facility in San Antonio, Texas; it is slated to become the final destination for thousands of babies each year killed through abortion. Through the combined efforts of many organizations, contractors are being […]  READ MORE

Is The Common Core Curriculum a Threat to Texas School Children?8/12/2014

Most parents place their children at the top of their priorities. Nothing comes before their safety, their physical well-being, and then their education. The most valuable resource a nation has is its children, and their allegiance and training forge the future for any nation. Indeed, Hitler recognized this when he recruited the young men of […]  READ MORE

CWA El Paso Area Director Rose Cabrera quoted in the El Diario of de El Paso – Apoyan a Israel y ven a Hamas como el enemigo7/23/2014

Read an account of this outstanding time of heartfelt support for Israel.  READ MORE

Secret to Surviving Obama VA: S-E-X7/16/2014

Gina Loudon interviews Area Director Kori Peterson on Smart Life concerning her father’s pursuit of a sex change through the Veterans Administration.  READ MORE

Gilmer Joins National Day of Prayer5/5/2014

About 25 persons gathered outside the Upshur County Courthouse early Thursday afternoon to observe the 63rd annual National Day of Prayer in a ceremony conducted by Concerned Women for America of Texas official Sandra Click. Mrs. Click, the Gilmer area chapter leader of her organization… Read more.  READ MORE

IRS intimidation tactics happening right here in Texas5/2/2014

Statement from Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee In Regards to Free Speech Hearing In an attempt to chill free speech by requiring groups such as Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) to disclose their donors’ list, a few Texas lawmakers are using the same underhanded IRS tactics we have seen at […]  READ MORE

CWA of Texas Proposed Resolutions3/4/2014

Today is Election Day. Most of you may be aware that the creation of a party platform begins at your local precinct convention. Most counties have precinct conventions immediately after the polls close on Election Day. The beginning of a party platform starts by first presenting a resolution at your local precinct meeting and handing […]  READ MORE

Do you know any young conservative women at Texas A&M or the University of Texas?2/20/2014

Your help is needed to find a young Christian woman to lead a Young Women for America (YWA) Chapter at Texas A&M and the University of Texas! YWA is a Project of Concerned Women for America. YWA’s mission is to train and empower the next generation of young women leaders to protect and promote Biblical […]  READ MORE

Voter Registration Drive at Local Rockwall Churches1/16/2014

View article in the  READ MORE

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