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ACTION ALERT: Expression of Faith in Virginia Schools at Risk2/25/2014

Do you believe that your child or grandchild’s faith should be left outside the public school door? No! Should not the first amendment be extended to our children? We think so, so we need your help in calling your delegate and asking him/her to support SB 236. SB 236, patroned by Sen. Bill Carrico (R-District […]  READ MORE

[LBB] Destroying Freedom in the Name of Equality2/25/2014

The same-sex “marriage” lobby is relentless. They are focused on one thing and one thing alone: the absolute celebration of homosexual relations as a virtue.  READ MORE

A Fantastical Decision on Marriage in Virginia2/22/2014

CWA’s Legal Counsel’s, Mario Diaz, Esq, post.  READ MORE


Read CWA’s Legal Counsel’s, Mario Diaz,Esq, post.  READ MORE

New Footage from Virginia Rally Where Hundreds Stood up for Marriage2/12/2014

Last week, a press conference was held outside a district court house in Virginia to remind Virginia’s Attorney General Mark Herring that he swore to protect the Constitution of Virginia in its entirety, not just the parts that he likes. AG Herring broke that oath 12 days after taking office by announcing that he would […]  READ MORE

Latest News On Repeal Of Virginia Informed Consent Laws Regarding Ultrasounds2/10/2014

Latest News On Repeal Of Virginia Informed Consent Laws Regarding Ultrasounds SB 617 would repeal the abortion informed consent laws that allowed the mother to view an ultrasound prior to making this life changing decision. Last week SB 617 was reported from the Senate Education and Health committee. After the reorganization of the Senate and […]  READ MORE

Janet Goes to Washington2/10/2014

Concerned Women for America of Virginia (CWA) State Director, Janet Robey, spent a few days in our nation’s capital along with dozens of other CWA leaders from across the nation. On Tuesday evening, January 21, CWA hosted the “35 Years of Defending Life” celebratory dinner with keynote speaker former-Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pennsylvania). Despite the extreme […]  READ MORE

Judge Vows Quick Ruling on Va. Gay Marriage Ban2/5/2014

View CWA’s Communications Director on CBN News defending marriage.  READ MORE

CWA Stands Up for Marriage and the Rule of Law in Virginia2/4/2014

Tuesday morning, the Virginia marriage case Bostic v. Rainey, which challenges the state’s constitutional definition of marriage, was to continue in Norfolk, Virginia. But this time, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring was on the other side of the aisle, actually arguing against the state’s constitution. AG Herring broke the oath he took to defend the […]  READ MORE

Call to Action! Rally for Marriage – February 4 – Norfolk, Virginia2/1/2014

Dear Friends, We are writing with an urgent call to action for our members in Virginia. As you probably heard in the news, Attorney General Mark Herring has broken the oath he took to uphold and defend the Constitution of Virginia and taken the unprecedented step of switching sides on a marriage case to actually […]  READ MORE

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