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CWA leader helps plan 2012 World Congress of Families

CWA leader helps plan 2012 World Congress of Families
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Concerned Women for America (CWA) played a leading role at the October 14-15 International Planning Committee Meeting (IPC) for the upcoming World Congress of Families VI (WCF VI), which will take place in Madrid on May 25-27, 2012. The International Planning Committee meeting was under the leadership of Larry Jacobs, the WCF Managing Director and Vice President of the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society, who appointed Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, Senior Fellow of CWA’s Beverly LaHaye Institute, to be chairman of the all-day Saturday planning session.

Since 1999, CWA has been a co-sponsor of the WCF, an international alliance of pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-family organizations that celebrate, uphold, and promote the preservation of the natural family. Dr. Crouse is a member of the five-person management committee for the WCF and also a member of the Board of Trustees for the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society, the founding institute for the WCF and the final authority on proposals regarding any WCF activity. The International Planning Committee met at the NH Eurobuilding Hotel, where delegates chose the theme for the 2012 WCF, planned the conference program, discussed logistics, and recommended speakers. Delegates also toured the conference location, the Palacio De Congresos De Madrid.

Together with Ignacio Arsuaga, head of and local organizer for the congress, the delegates agreed to the theme, “Family: Marriage, Children and the Future of Society.” On Saturday, when Dr. Crouse chaired the all-day session, the IPC recommended both plenary and breakout sessions on a variety of topics, including marriage, family, life, demographic winter, the effect of cultural disintegration on the breakdown of the family, the importance of motherhood and fatherhood, freedom of religion, freedom of education, the homosexual agenda, and the effect of international bodies (like the United Nations) on national sovereignty. In addition, the IPC heard an update from the Australian delegation regarding progress toward WCF VII in Sydney, May 15-18, 2012, and chose Moscow as the site for WCF VIII at the Kremlin in 2014.

Spain won the bid for the 2012 conference because of the strong commitment and proposal of Hazte Oir, who argued that Spain is the ideal region to hold such a congress, first because it serves as a bridge between Europe and Latin America, and also because Spain has experienced a barrage of liberal legislation concerning issues ranging from same-sex “marriage” and divorce to abortion.


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