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CWA of Oklahoma Leadership Receives Training in Washington, D.C.

CWA of Oklahoma Leadership Receives Training in Washington, D.C.

We recently returned from the Concerned Women for America’s (CWA) National Leadership Training Conference in Washington D. C. It was an exciting time to be able to meet many of the other directors and hear what they are doing in their respective states. We were in meetings every day except Friday afternoon when we participated in a prayer walk around the White House and Capitol Hill.

Lisa Stewart, CWA of Oklahoma’s Media Coordinator, Linda Harrison, Tulsa Prayer/Action Chapter Leader, and I attended from Oklahoma. OKleadership52011.jpgWe attended the four-hour briefing on Sharia Law at the Capital Visitors Center on Capitol Hill. It was very informative and deeply disturbing to learn out about the serious nature of Sharia Law.

We must become alerted to and informed on this movement and be prepared to work against it being adopted into our law and court systems. CWA is working to inform as many Americans as possible about the seriousness of Sharia Law. We will work to inform you through CWA Oklahoma as well.

Dr. Janice Crouse spoke about the movement to decriminalize sexual predators, classifying them as having a disease that compels them to commit horrible acts against children. This is a subject we will be sharing more about in the future.

Mike Mears, State Legislative Director with CWA’s Legislative Action Committee (LAC), encouraged us to speak to others about the issues to reach them about CWA’s concerns. As people become aware of the issues, we are facing they will be encouraged to join in the fight to preserve righteousness in our nation.

OKleadership12011.jpgKenda Bartlett, National Field Director, went through the history of our government. She took us back through a short history of the dilemma the Founding Fathers had to resolve as they worked towards establishing our Constitutional Republic.

We had a delicious dinner at the Friday evening banquet and were able to hear former Senator Rick Santorum, who is running as a Republican presidential candidate. OKleadership32011.jpgAs a strong Christian leader, he expressed his views on abortion, the financial state of our union, and much more.

Shari Randall, legislative liaison, talked about the lack of legislation that will take place between now and the year’s end. She, also, clearly pointed out the fact that fiscal irresponsibility was indeed a moral issue.

Penny Nance, CWA CEO, inspired us to step up our involvement with CWA and our concerns.OKleadership22011.jpg

We would like to encourage you to join CWA of Oklahoma as a leader in your area. CWA’s foundation is prayer, but our emphasis is to inform, educate, and equip others to take informed action. We want to encourage others to put feet to their prayers and respond in an appropriate way to their concerns.

If you would be willing to hold a Prayer/Action Chapter in your home or church once a month for one hour, please contact us and give us your contact information at We will be glad to help you by attending your first meeting and helping you introduce your guests to CWA.

Thank you for being a member of CWA of Oklahoma.


Sheridan Crenshaw
State Director

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