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Hobby Lobby Arguments Expose Liberal Deception on Little Sisters of the Poor
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When the arguments for the Hobby Lobby case at the Supreme Court were over, liberals who swore up and down that the Little Sisters of the Poor already get an exemption from the contraceptive mandate in Obamacare were exposed.

Here is what Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, who represents the federal government, argued:

[I]t’s important to understand, and I want to walk through the — this question of exemptions very carefully because I think there’s a lot of confusion here that needs to be cleared up, that all that the government has done is say that churches, because of that special solicitude, which the Court recognized in Hossana-Tabor, churches get an exemption.

The nonprofit religious organizations don’t get an exemption. There’s accommodation there provided, but that accommodation results in the employees receiving access to the contraceptive coverage, so that doesn’t diminish the government’s compelling interest. (Emphasis mine)

So the truth finally comes out from their mouths. Nonprofits, like the Little Sisters of the Poor, do not (as we have said many times) get an exemption. The government believes the Little Sisters of the Poor are not religious enough to deserve an exemption, like churches.

But that’s not true according to the liberal media.

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