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You'd be surprised how often Concerned Women for America (CWA) is called to comment on the heavy issues facing us today. We get called on everything from abortion to the economy. "CWA has an opinion on the economy?" Yes indeed. Abortion funding in the federal budget is just one of the crossroads at which conservative social and fiscal issues meet. Below is a representative sample of the different places we've been quoted.

Target’s Trans Bathroom Policy Really Isn’t about Bathrooms – 4/26/2016

Debunking the Wage Gap: We Are Not Victims

The Daily Signal – 4/25/2016

Why I support snooping on our kids

Fox News – 4/12/2016

Breaking the Billion-Dollar Bondage of Pornography

CNS News – 4/11/2016

Scraping for Obama’s Supreme Court Legacy

The BLAZE – 4/7/2016

Stand Up for Religious Liberty This Weekend: Watch God's Not Dead 2

CNS News – 3/31/2016

Grassley Town Hall Shows Strong Local Support on SCOTUS

The BLAZE – 3/31/2016

Georgia Governor Deal Caves to Big Business Bullies, Furthers Left Mantra on Money in Politics

CNS News – 3/29/2016

Let Ohio vote on court nominee

The Cincinnati Enquirer – 3/28/2016

The Unspoken Coercive Element of Abortion

CNS News – 3/3/2016

SCOTUS, Remember That Abortion Safety Truly Cares for Women

The BLAZE – 3/2/2016

Fixing Our Seedy Judiciary

The BLAZE – 3/1/2016

Grassley lives up to his oath by opposing appointee

The Des Moines Register – 2/24/2016

Today, I Just Felt Sad As I Waited to Pay Respects to Antonin Scalia

The BLAZE – 2/19/2016

‘Life-enhancing’ techniques costing lives

American Thinker – 2/18/2016

A Threat to American Democracy

The BLAZE – 2/16/2016

Young Women Are So Over Hillary’s Old-School Feminism

The Federalist – 2/16/2016

All-Out ‘Equality’ in the Military Is an Ideological Fallacy

CNS News – 2/10/2016

Threat to Freedom Highlighted in ‘God’s Not Dead 2′

The BLAZE – 2/5/2016

The Roe Most Don't Know

CNS News – 1/29/2016

DNC Chair Thinks Millennial Women 'Complacent' About Abortion

The Christian Post – 1/14/2016

ISIS's Slaughter of Innocent Children

American Thinker – 12/24/2015

Penny Nance Talks Trump

CNN – 12/23/2015

Penny Nance and Michael Reagan discuss the closing of Los Angeles schools

Newsmax – 12/16/2015

New IRS Rule a Gift to Hackers and Ruthless Politicians

The Blaze – 12/16/2015

Penny Nance: ‘Disgusting’ That Hillary Clinton Won’t Say Radical Islam

Breitbart – 12/14/2015

The Not So ‘Good Dinosaur’

The Blaze – 12/11/2015

Hasselbeck applauded for giving family priority

One News Now – 12/8/2015

The Colorado Shooter Doesn't Speak for the Anti-Abortion Movement

U.S. News – 12/8/2015

CWA takes on the Big Apple!

Times Square – 12/2/2015

Security Moms and the Fight Against Islamic State

The Blaze – 12/2/2015

Women Are Total Hypocrites When It Comes to Carly Fiorina

TIME – 12/2/2015

#PrayforParis But Condemn #CoachKennedy? America’s Prayer Paradox

The Christian Post – 11/30/2015

Learn to ‘pray with our legs’

The Washington Times – 11/29/2015

’3801 Lancaster: American Tragedy,’ 
Mainstream Media’s Ignominy

The Blaze – 11/25/2015

Ohio State law school under microscope for reaction to pro-life column

The Washington Times – 11/24/2015

Is The Fight Against ISIS a Just War?

Breitbart – 11/22/2015

'Woman of the Year' Caitlyn Jenner Has XY Chromosomes and a Penis

The Christian Post – 11/22/2015

The “G”-Word in the Fight for Freedom’s Survival: A Review of ‘Be Spent’

Juicy Ecumenism – 11/20/2015

Is Netflix Turning Into ‘Netfilth’?

The Blaze – 11/19/2015

A lot is broken that the gospel can fix

One News Now – 11/12/2015

Newsmax's 100 Most Influential Pro-life Advocates

One News Now – 11/4/2015

‘Sex Week': The Contradiction of Our Century

Breitbart – 11/4/2015

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