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You'd be surprised how often Concerned Women for America (CWA) is called to comment on the heavy issues facing us today. We get called on everything from abortion to the economy. "CWA has an opinion on the economy?" Yes indeed. Abortion funding in the federal budget is just one of the crossroads at which conservative social and fiscal issues meet. Below is a representative sample of the different places we've been quoted.

Islam's negative effect on Swedish, German cultures

One News Now - 11/4/2014

2014: Evangelicals and the Midterm Elections

The Christian Post - 10/31/2014

Stop Selling Women: Getting Away with Sex-Trafficking

Breitbart - 10/28/2014

Out of State Money Threatening Life and Legislation in North Dakota

Townhall - 10/22/2014

Taxpayer Funded Anti-Semitism

CNS News - 10/22/2014

Two Ten-Dollar Wars on Women

The Daily Caller - 10/22/2014

Netanyahu: Terrorism Highlighted at the United Nations

The Christian Post - 9/30/2014

It's the NFL That Should Be Taking Hits, Not the Women Who Support and Love It's Players

The Christian Post - 9/23/2014

Op-ed: Women's museum plan expensive, not inclusive

The Salt Lake Tribune - 8/29/2014

Changing 'normal' for foster care’s used and abused children

Fox News - 8/15/2014

Bullies for Social Justice
The American Spectator - 8/6/2014

Spiritual and Physical Harms of Pornography
Barbwire - 8/5/2014

What's New with ObamaCare? -- Summer 2014 Edition
American Thinker - 8/1/2014

Inside the Beltway: Republican posse rides out to fire Harry Reid
The Washington Times - 7/29/2014

Is Planned Parenthood's 'Torture Sex' Advice Making Its Way Into the Classroom?
Christian Post - 7/28/2014

The 2014 "30 Under 20"
Red Alert Politics - 7/22/2014

Foreign policy matters to Christian conservatives
The Washington Post - 7/18/2014

What About That Austrailian Study About Same-Sex Parenting?
The American Spectator - 7/18/2014

Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors to be Placed in Florida Foster Homes
Breitbart - 7/16/2014

Trafficked Illegals at U.S Border Likely to be Re-Trafficked After Release
Breitbart - 7/15/2014

Human Trafficking Estimates and Statistics
American Thinker - 7/10/2014

Israeli and Palestinian Mothers Set the Tone in the Middle East
The Blaze - 7/9/2014

All Shook Up
The American Spectator - 7/9/2014

Children crossing border are prime target for trafficking
One News Now - 7/8/2014

The Immigration Crisis and Human Trafficking
American Thinker - 7/3/2014

Fresh Wind of Liberty Blows Across the Land
American Thinker - 7/2/2014

Pro-Life Community Celebrates SCOTUS Hobby Lobby Decision
Breitbart - 6/30/2014

High Court Strikes Down Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones
CBN News - 6/27/2014

The Next Generation of Conservative Women
National Review - 6/26/2014

Another Beat Down for the 6th Circuit
The Blaze - 6/25/2014

Petition to President Obama to Stand With Israel

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