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Pro-Life Bills Head to the North Dakota State Senate

Pro-Life Bills Head to the North Dakota State Senate
By: CWALAC Staff - 3/15/2013

Happy Thursday! We have news from this week’s work in the North Dakota Senate. Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted a “DO PASS” recommendation on HB 1305 (prohibiting abortions based on sex selection and genetic abnormalities) and HB 1456 (prohibiting abortions after a heartbeat has been detected). These are two very important bills in the fight for life! These bills are scheduled to hit the North Dakota Senate floor THIS FRIDAY, March 15th.

Take Action: We urge you to contact your own senator and ask him/her to vote YES on HB 1305 and HB 1456. This is of the utmost importance, as we must contact all senators if possible, and re-contact with some of them. It is crucial that they hear from their constituents. You can contact as many senators as you like; they are responsible to their district, but also to the state as a whole. We have senators who are “on the fence,” and some who have changed their minds after they told us that they would support the bill (then did not support it in committee!)

Click here to find out who your legislators are and all their contact information, or call 1-888-NDLEGIS (635-3447) or 701-328-3373 (local). Give them your address, and they will give you the name and contact number for your legislators.

We will be sending another alert on Monday on the three remaining bills to be heard. They will likely be on the floor of the North Dakota House of Representatives sometime next week.

Pray: Please pray the eyes of the legislators who support abortion will be opened.

“Lord, we bring this before You humbly today asking that You shine the light of Truth on the hearts of these senators as they vote on these bills. You knew us before we were formed, and we know that You value all life that You create. We seek to honor You and to protect the ‘least of these’ by protecting the littlest among us, those who have no voice to speak for themselves. We lay this before You, according to Your will, and ask that You honor our work of obedience. As we contact these men and women who serve our state, I pray that we would be respectful and that we would bless them as we ask that they honor life by voting to pass these two bills. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for this opportunity to serve You and our fellow man. Amen.”

Thank you for your prayers and your work for life! Bless you!

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