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History Highlights

2000 — Developing a Reputation Among Scholars

The Beverly LaHaye Institute (BLI) began Veritas Policy Forums on Capitol Hill to highlight public policy questions confronting Legislators and top aides. Presenters included: Allan Carlson, Francis Fukuyama, Danielle Crittenden, Mona Charen, and Jana Novak. The forums included: America’s Child Care “Crisis”, Violence Against Women, Women and Welfare Reform, Teen Pregnancy and Abstinence Programs

BLI began producing bi-monthly Data Digests — short papers analyzing and providing commentary on policy issues or cultural trends.

Dr. Crouse helped draft and lobby for the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000.

2001 — Building Greater Credibility

Dr. Crouse authored Gaining Ground: A Profile of American Women in the Twentieth Century. The report documented the trends in well-being of American women from 1900-2000. An author reported Gaining Ground was used as her major research source for PBS documentary, “Is Marriage Just a Piece of Paper?”

Dr. Crouse’s The Washington Times article, “Marriage: Just a Piece of Paper” provided the PBS documentary title. This research tool was used by scholars and writers nationwide.

Dr. Crouse’s book, A Different Kind of Strength, co-authored by Mrs. Beverly LaHaye, was released. It was chosen as a Conservative Book of the Month, released in paperback twice as The Strength of a Godly Woman and A Woman’s Path to True Significance, and translated into four languages.

2002 — Earning 'A Place at the Table'

Dr. Crouse served President Bush as an Official United States Delegate to the United Nations Children’s Summit. Dr. Crouse’s major speeches were published and widely distributed in brochures. Dr. Crouse began presenting Staley Lectures at colleges and universities such as Taylor, Vanguard, and Messiah.

2003 — Being Recognized and Honored

The Heritage Foundation nominated Dr. Crouse for the Bradley Prize for her influence on contemporary issues.

Dr. Crouse served the President again as an Official United States Delegate to the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women.

Dr. Crouse was profiled in A Celebration of Women, a publication of profiles of outstanding “women we admire.”

2004 — Providing Authoritative Analysis

Dr. Crouse presented a plenary address at the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family at the Kuala Lampur regional celebration.

Dr. Crouse’s address, “Cohabitation: Consequences for Mothers and Children,” was included in the official record of proceedings of the Doha conference in Qatar.

Dr. Crouse attended Republican and Democrat political conventions as a press delegate reporting on pivotal platform issues and convention events.

Dr. Crouse published election analyses and conducted media commentaries on major television and cable networks.

2005 — Expanding our Influence

The BLI began a two-year grant project from the U.S. State Department to combat sex trafficking in Mexico. BLI trained 15 Mexican leaders and worked with 6 NGOs in a project that resulted in over 7,000 people trained to recognize and combat sex trafficking. A victim’s shelter was designed and opened for rescued girls to seek rehabilitation and restoration. There are 12 girls there now, the youngest is just 13 years old.

Dr. Crouse gave a seminar during the U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women in New York.

Dr. Crouse spoke at World Congress of Families in Mexico City (spoke previously at WCF in Geneva, 1999).

Dr. Crouse became a syndicated columnist for United Press International and a regular contributor to Human Events.

Dr. Crouse and Brenda Zurita, Research Fellow, worked with the anti-trafficking coalition on crafting the Trafficking Victims Protection Re-authorization Act of 2005.

2006 — Increasing Visibility and Media Expertise

Dr. Crouse was a special guest at the White House signing ceremony for the Trafficking Victims Protection Re-authorization Act of 2005.

The U.S. State Department awarded Dr. Crouse and BLI an “Abolitionist” certificate for their work in combating sex trafficking.

Dr. Crouse received an award from the Abstinence Clearinghouse recognizing her work in promoting abstinence programs.

The Church Report identified Dr. Crouse and the Beverly LaHaye Institute among its “Top Twenty Influencers.”

Dr. Crouse participated in the PBS documentary, “When Women Rule the World.”

Dr. Crouse became a columnist for Townhall.

2007 — Growing Prestige and Influence

Dr. Crouse was appointed to the five-member management council (decision-making body) for the World Congress of Families and gave a plenary address at its congress in Warsaw, Poland.

Dr. Crouse authored a chapter on cohabitation in the three-volume major research compilation, The Family in the New Millennium, published by Praeger Publishers.

Dr. Crouse and Brenda Zurita developed an anti-sex trafficking training manual and seminar and presented workshops at CWA’s National Leadership Conference and at Regent University for law students, local lawyers and law enforcement personnel.

Dr. Crouse spoke at the International Family Life Conference in Mexicali, Mexico.

Dr. Crouse taught a summer school class on “Feminist Theology” for graduate students at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas.

2008 — Making a Difference

Dr. Crouse and Brenda Zurita worked behind-the-scenes on the passage of the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Re-authorization Act of 2008 — which includes the Zurita Amendment.

Dr. Crouse attended the White House signing ceremony for the TVPRA of 2008 as one of only ten NGO leaders to be invited.

The Centers for Decency named Dr. Crouse “Woman of the Year”, and Chuck Colson was named “Man of the Year.”

Dr. Crouse’s interview on Don Kroah’s WAVA radio talk-show was recognized as “Outstanding Feature Program” for the year by the National Religious Broadcasters.

Dr. Crouse spoke at the Real Women of Canada event in Ottawa.

Dr. Crouse became a contributor to American Thinker.

Dr. Crouse gave testimony on Capitol Hill regarding the U.N.’s CEDAW Treaty.

Dr. Crouse was elected to the Executive Committee of the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

2009 — Continuing the Legacy

Dr. Crouse authored the book Children at Risk: The Precarious State of Children’s Well-Being in America scheduled for a Fall 2010 release.

Dr. Crouse participated in the planning session for the World Congress of Families in Amsterdam.

Dr. Crouse gave testimony on Capitol Hill regarding the provisions in the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Re-authorization Act of 2008.

Dr. Crouse was on the planning committee for and gave a plenary address at the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Dr. Crouse gave a closing plenary address at the World Congress of Families V in Amsterdam.

2010 — Receiving Global Recognition

Dr. Crouse participated in the world-famous Oxford Union Debates to oppose the legalization of prostitution.

The safe house in Mexico City established through CWA’s State Department grant now housed 25 girls rescued from sex slavery.

Dr. Crouse was appointed to the steering committee for the International End Demand Coalition and moderated a round-table discussion and plenary session at the National Planning Session.

The Association of College and Research Libraries gave Dr. Crouse’s book, Children at Risk, a positive review and “recommended” it for public libraries and general collections.

Dr. Crouse was elected to the Board of Trustees for the Howard Center.

2011 — Influencing the Social and Cultural Debate

Dr. Crouse received the 2011 International Leadership Award from the Leadership Institute.

Dr. Crouse participated in World Congress of Families meetings in Moscow and Madrid.

Dr. Crouse and Brenda Zurita produced papers on sexually transmitted diseases, the danger of normalizing pedophilia, children in prostitution, marriage and family in the 21st century, the link between the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood, and Defunding Planned Parenthood.

Dr. Crouse presented a paper to the Greek Dialogue of Civilizations conference in Rhodes, Greece.

2012 — Promoting Family and Life Issues

Dr. Crouse’s new book, Marriage Matters, released by Transaction Publishers and promoted in a catalog for worldwide distribution.

Dr. Crouse’s panel “Women’s Mental and Reproductive Health after Pregnancy Loss,” was accepted for the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women. BLI also co-sponsored two other events — the connection between abortion and breast cancer and a screening for a film about sex trafficking.

Dr. Crouse and Brenda Zurita wrote a series of articles for the White Ribbons Against Pornography (WRAP) Week which were expanded into a report on the harms of pornography.

Dr. Crouse “stole the show” during her speech at the World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” in Rhodes, Greece, according to one of the organizers.

Dr. Crouse was one of three foreign dignitaries invited to address the launch of the National Parents Association at a special session of the Russian DUMA. She also addressed a Russian press conference as an authoritative voice against the movement to legalize prostitution. There were dozens of international media outlets covering the press conference.

Dr. Crouse was elected chair of the Board of Trustees for the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

2013 — Resisting the Radical Assault

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Report changed this year – for the first time in 30 years — to incorporate CWA’s Zurita Amendment from the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Re-authorization Act of 2008 to disaggregate the arrest details found in the “Prostitution and Commercialized Vice” category.

Dr. Crouse received the 2012 World Congress of Families International “Woman of the Year” Award at a ceremony in Sydney, Australia, in May 2013. Ignacio Arsuaga, from Spain, received the “Man of the Year” award.

Dr. Crouse is writing a book about sex trafficking and participating in the development of a new Strategic Toolkit combating Sex Trafficking.

Dr. Crouse was a plenary speaker at the international family conference sponsored by the Elspis Centre in Trinidad.

Dr. Crouse was a panelist at a briefing on Capitol Hill sponsored by the scholarly journal, The Family in America. Other panelists were Ross Douthat, columnist for the New York Times, and Kay Hymowitz from the Manhattan Institute.

Dr. Crouse represented CWA at the World Congress of Families VII in Sydney, Australia, giving a plenary address titled, “Healthy Families, Healthy Economies.”

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