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Stand Up for Parental Rights Within Maine’s Education System

Stand Up for Parental Rights Within Maine’s Education System
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Contact Your Lawmakers Regarding L.D. 1530, “An Act To Establish a Process for the Implementation of Universal Voluntary Prekindergarten Education”

TAKE ACTION: Please e-mail the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee members asking them to vote “NO” on L.D. 1530. This bill will lower the compulsory school attendance age from seven to five and will increase taxes for everyone in order to fund this unnecessary legislation. Parents – NOT the government – know when it’s best for their young child to start formal education.

The Education Committee held the work session on the bill yesterday, but they will be voting soon. It is imperative that they hear from you today if possible, and if not, certainly right after Thanksgiving.

E-mail each member of the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee by clicking on their name.

Senator Rebecca J. Millett (D-Cumberland), Chair
Senator Christopher K. Johnson (D-Lincoln)
Senator Brian D. Langley (R-Hancock)
Representative W. Bruce MacDonald (D-Boothbay), Chair
Representative Mary Pennell Nelson (D-Falmouth)
Representative Helen Rankin (D-Hiram)
Representative Matthea Elisabeth Larsen Daughtry (D-Brunswick)
Representative Brian L. Hubbell (D-Bar Harbor)
Representative Victoria P. Kornfield (D-Bangor)
Representative Peter B. Johnson (R-Greenville)
Representative Joyce A. Maker (R-Calais)
Representative Michael D. McClellan (R-Raymond)
Representative Matthew G. Pouliot (R-Augusta)
Representative Madonna M. Soctomah (Passamaquoddy Tribe)

Thank them for listening to your concerns and sign your name and town.

Thank you and God bless.

All for Jesus,

Penny Morrell
State Director
CWA of Maine

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