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Prayer/Action Chapters

A Prayer/Action Chapter is a group of people who meet, usually once a month to pray, learn and take action regarding issues that falls under CWA’s seven core issues. Contact us to find out if there is a Prayer/Action Chapter in your area or how to start one.

Home Team

A Home Team Captain doesn’t hold meetings but instead forwards information they receive from CWA on legislation to the members of their Home Team and encourages them to pray, learn and take action on the issues.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is led by the Director and provides the support she needs in order to carry out the many functions of a state or area organizations.

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Kansas News and Headlines

Kansas Pro-life Bill Update and Call for Prayer and Action3/4/2015

Thank you for your diligent prayers and timely action last month on this great pro-life bill SB 95, the Kansas Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act, in response to our January 30 and February 18 e-alerts. Great news! SB 95 passed favorably out of the Senate 31 to 9 on February 20. The bill has been assigned […]  READ MORE

CWA of Kansas Encourages the House Standing Committee on Education to Support the Dismantling of Common Core State Standard in Kansas2/20/2015

To the House Standing Committee on Education In Support of HB 2292 February 20, 2015 Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, My name is Barbara Saldivar. I am the State Director of Concerned Women for America (CWA) of Kansas. CWA is the largest public policy women’s organization in the nation. Thank you for letting […]  READ MORE

Reverse Common Core State Standards in Kansas2/20/2015

“The philosophy of the classroom will be the philosophy of government tomorrow.” -Abraham Lincoln Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is an experiment destined for failure, loss of local control, loss of parental rights, lowering of standards, loss of privacy, high costs, unconstitutional, an affront to states’ rights as outlined in the Tenth Amendment and more. […]  READ MORE

The Wichita Eagle Print’s State Director Barbara Saldivar’s Letter to the Editor – Outlaw D&E2/19/2015


Update and Action Needed on Kansas Pro-life Bill2/18/2015

SB 95, Kansas Child Protection From Dismemberment Abortion Act has passed favorably out of committee. It is now awaiting debate in the Senate. The Senate is expected to vote on it sometime next week. Click here to read the bill, view its history and status. A special thank you to all who prayed and acted […]  READ MORE

CWA of Kansas Sends Testimony to the House Standing Committee on Education that Opposes HB 20992/13/2015

To the House Standing Committee on Education Oppose HB 2099 February 13, 2015 Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, my name is Barbara Saldivar, and I am the State Director of Concerned Women for America (CWA) of Kansas. CWA is the largest public policy women’s organization in the nation. Thank you for letting me […]  READ MORE

Urgent: Join Us in Opposing Kansas Intrusive Data Collection Bill2/12/2015

It is with great concern that I urge you to pray and take action TODAY on HB 2099, a bad bill that would undermine Kansans privacy by allowing invasive data collection. HB 2099, “Concerning the student data privacy act; authorizing school districts to administer certain surveys and questionnaires” is scheduled to be introduced at a […]  READ MORE

URGENT: Excellent Kansas Pro-Life Bill Needs Your Support TODAY1/30/2015

It is with much enthusiasm, as my first act as the new CWA of Kansas State Director, that I urge you to pray and take action TODAY on SB 95, an outstanding pro-life act. SB 95, Kansas Unborn Child Protection From Dismemberment Abortion Act is scheduled to be introduced in the Senate Public Health and […]  READ MORE

Meet Your New State Director!1/30/2015

Greetings! My name is Barbara Saldivar; I am thrilled to be the new CWA of Kansas State Director. I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do this year and in the years to come through the ministry of CWA of Kansas. My introduction to CWA was sixteen years ago as I […]  READ MORE

May God’s Name be Glorified in this Elecation10/11/2014

Dear Friends, Our Topeka CWA Prayer/Action Chapter has been meeting on Monday mornings to pray about the elections. The Lord gave one of our ladies a heart to pray that God’s name would be glorified in this election. That Word spoke truth to my heart, and the Lord gave me the following Scripture which we’ve […]  READ MORE

Thoughts – Passing the Baton8/26/2013

Judy Smith steps down from the position of State Director.  READ MORE

Supreme Court Decision Fuels Controversy and Abandons Children6/27/2013

State Director remarks on June 28 Supreme Court Defense of Marriage Act decision.  READ MORE

Push for Same-Sex Marriage Seen as unlikely in Kansas, Missouri6/27/2013

State Director quoted in The Kansas City Star.  READ MORE

Constitutional Convention4/10/2013

Constitutional Convention: A Bad Idea?
An Opportunity to Re-Write the Constitution?  READ MORE

Some Victories worth Celebrating!4/10/2013

Pro-life and stem cell legislation  READ MORE

Defense Of Marriage3/23/2013

The future of marriage is in the hands of black-robed judges.  READ MORE

State & National Concerns3/22/2013

These issues need your immediate attention. Be educated, pray and then take action! We make it easy!  READ MORE

Thoughts – Consider the Cost3/22/2013

May we not falter in our purpose.  READ MORE

Common Core Fact Sheet3/18/2013

Presented March 9 to the Kansas House Eduation Committee. Find out why this is of great concern.  READ MORE

Kansas House Bill Targets Sexually Oriented Businesses2/15/2013

State Director Judy Smith quoted in the Lawrence Journal-World.  READ MORE

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