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About CWA of Virginia

michelle Janet Robey State Director

State Office: P.O. Box 1465 Bedford, VA 24523

Phone: 434-401-8852

Email: Click Here

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The mission of Concerned Women for America of Virginia is to promote Christian citizenship by educating, equipping and encouraging concerned women and like minded men to prayerfully and actively involved in protecting and promoting Biblical values in our schools, communities, state and nation.

Click here for a message from State Director Janet Robey.

Prayer/Action Chapters

A Prayer/Action Chapter is a group of people who meet, usually once a month to pray, learn and take action regarding legislation that falls under CWA’s seven core issues. Click here to find a Prayer/Action Chapter in your area and learn more.

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Virginia News and Headlines

CWA of Virginia Opposed Planned Parenthood in Virginia Beach11/21/2014

We had “heels” on the ground on November 17 at the public meeting held at the Meyera E. Oberndorf Central Library in Virginia Beach. About 50 people were either standing on the sidewalk along Virginia Beach Blvd. holding signs or inside the library voicing their concerns about the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood (VLPP) in […]  READ MORE

Save the Date – December 4 – Richmond Virginia Trip – For Life!11/7/2014

“Abortion clinics in Virginia are ‘beautiful, immaculate, clean facilities” declared NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Executive Director Tarina Keene in a January 17, 2013, interview, with HuffPost Live. I believe you would disagree with that assessment. We need you in Richmond on December 4, as the Virginia Board of Health will once again be addressing clinic regulations. […]  READ MORE

CWA of Virginia Participates in the National Day of Fasting, Repentance, and Prayer – November 2011/7/2014

Every year on the third Thursday of November, Concerned Women for America of Virginia asks the nation to join together in proclaiming a National Day of Fasting, Repentance, and Prayer for America. Thursday, November 20, 2014 One week before we feast, let us fast and humble ourselves to prepare our hearts. Before we get caught […]  READ MORE

Our Society Will Crumble10/15/2014

In 30 years, we will be picking up the broken lives from same-sex marriage, just as we are doing now with abortion victims. The broken lives will be those caught up in such a destructive lifestyle and the children that those unions raise. God has divided the sexes to be unique in everyway and has […]  READ MORE

CWA of Virginia Launches 2015 Encourage-A-Legislator Program! Join Today!9/2/2014

Wow! This year has flown by, and we are now approaching another General Assembly session. I am looking for volunteers for CWA of Virginia’s Encourage-A-Legislator (EAL) program for the 2015 Session. This year’s session will be six weeks beginning January 14, 2015. EAL is a program of encouragement and prayer for our Virginia legislators while […]  READ MORE

God and Defining Marriage8/20/2014

We as a country have lost sight of God – Almighty God – a holy and righteous God. He is not on our minds or in our actions. Our Founding Fathers had God on their minds and in their actions when fighting for and creating this great nation! Man cannot redefine marriage which God created […]  READ MORE

The final countdown has started – only 2 days left! If you have not submitted your comment on the abortion center standards, we need your help now!7/29/2014

Gov. Terry McAuliffe is pushing to roll back Virginia’s new law that protects women in the state. He would rather protect the abortion industry than the health of women in the Commonwealth. According to Gov. McAuliffe, “I am concerned that the extreme and punitive regulations adopted last year jeopardize the ability of most women’s health […]  READ MORE

Religion at Work7/11/2014

The following editorial was printed in Lynchburg’s News and Advance on Monday, July 7.  READ MORE

Virginia Clinic Regulation in Jeopardy – You Are Needed in Richmond Next Thursday5/30/2014

It is payback time! That is paying back Planned Parenthood for shoring up his campaign with an infusion of money. That would be our current governor, Terry McAuliffe. He hopes to undo abortion clinic safety measures. That would allow “Gosnell” type abortionist to do their dirty work in our Commonwealth. For example, Steven Brigham, whose […]  READ MORE

Traditional Marriage in Danger5/22/2014

State Director Janet Robey’s Letter to the Editor in today’s  READ MORE


On May 13, 2014, I, along with hundreds of others, traveled to Richmond to stand either in support of traditional marriage or (as they say) “marriage equality”. Why does someone who is close to sixty years old take a day off from work and on a beautiful spring travel over two and a half hours? […]  READ MORE

The Liberated with Truth Conference 2014 – A real conversation about the ‘War on Women’5/7/2014

The alarm clock rudely interrupts my dreams, inciting an early morning war with my flesh. “Why did you agree to man the table for CWA at such an early event? Don’t you know it’s Saturday?” As I prepare for the day, I calm my flesh with words like, “McDonald’s breakfast”, “Hanging with my CWA gal […]  READ MORE

Stop Virginia Government Shut Down3/18/2014

This coming Monday, March 24, our state legislators will be in Richmond in an attempt to pass a budget. Our Governor and the majority of the Senate have hijacked the budget by demanding that we expand Medicaid. Last year our legislators decided to keep the budget and expansion separate and created a commission to study […]  READ MORE

URGENT ALERT: Speak out now on Medicaid Expansion in Virginia!3/3/2014

Dear Friend, We need your help now to stop the expansion of ObamaCare through a Medicaid expansion (ObamaCaid) in Virginia’s budget! Budget conferees are meeting this week to hammer out the differences between the House and Senate budgets. And, “Obama Lieutenant” Gov. Terry McAuliffe has already said that he will oppose any bill that does […]  READ MORE

CWA of Virginia Cookie Drop2/27/2014

As part of our annual Encourage-A-Legislator Program, we deliver boxes and boxes of homemade cookies to Richmond for our legislators and their staffs. This year we had 10 ladies and one young man deliver 209 dozen cookies from 13 CWA of Virginia bakers in the Roanoke-Bedford-Lynchburg area. With such a great response from our ladies, […]  READ MORE

ACTION ALERT: Expression of Faith in Virginia Schools at Risk2/25/2014

Do you believe that your child or grandchild’s faith should be left outside the public school door? No! Should not the first amendment be extended to our children? We think so, so we need your help in calling your delegate and asking him/her to support SB 236. SB 236, patroned by Sen. Bill Carrico (R-District […]  READ MORE

[LBB] Destroying Freedom in the Name of Equality2/25/2014

The same-sex “marriage” lobby is relentless. They are focused on one thing and one thing alone: the absolute celebration of homosexual relations as a virtue. Any price is justified in the pursuit of that goal, including freedom itself. The latest example comes from the state of Virginia, where “Friends of Mark Warner” have turned to […]  READ MORE

A Fantastical Decision on Marriage in Virginia2/22/2014

CWA’s Legal Counsel’s, Mario Diaz, Esq, post.  READ MORE


Read CWA’s Legal Counsel’s, Mario Diaz,Esq, post.  READ MORE

New Footage from Virginia Rally Where Hundreds Stood up for Marriage2/12/2014

Last week, a press conference was held outside a district court house in Virginia to remind Virginia’s Attorney General Mark Herring that he swore to protect the Constitution of Virginia in its entirety, not just the parts that he likes. AG Herring broke that oath 12 days after taking office by announcing that he would […]  READ MORE

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