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Take Action on Three Crucial Maine Issues

Take Action on Three Crucial Maine Issues
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Contact Your Local Maine Legislators Today – One Call/E-mail – Three Issues

• Support L.D. 1428 “Religious Freedom Preservation Act”
• Oppose Medicaid Expansion
• Support L.D. 1730 “An Act To Assist Victims of Human Trafficking.”

A list of lawmakers by town may be found here.

OR call Senate Democrats 207-287-1515 – and Senate Republicans 207-287-1505
House Democrats 207-287-1430 and House Republicans 207-287-1440

Support L.D. 1428 “Religious Freedom Preservation Act”
Supporting religious freedom SHOULD be a bipartisan issue because it’s a fundamental right every American enjoys and must not be infringed. The vote could be this week!

Oppose Medicaid Expansion
Medicaid expansion is too expensive; we can’t pay the obligations we already have for Medicaid; and instead of helping those elderly who are on a waiting list for whom this program was originally started, we could add 70,000 able-bodied 20-something-year-olds instead.

Support L.D. 1730 “An Act To Assist Victims of Human Trafficking”
Sex-trafficking is a real problem in Maine, and L.D.1730 will create a defense and enable a victim a pathway to have a conviction vacated from the record. The public hearing will be held February 13 at 1:00 p.m. before the Judiciary Committee in the State House. Please attend the hearing and/or read and/or submit testimony in support of the bill. If you submit testimony, 20 copies of your statement are required for the committee clerk.

If we don’t stand together on these bills, we stand to lose more freedoms, more of our hard-earned money to taxes, and continued threats to our children’s safety. Please call, e-mail and attend the hearing on these bills. YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED NOW!

Penny Morrell
State Director
CWA of Maine

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