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Update! Georgia Common Core bill to be heard this Thursday, Feb. 13

Update! Georgia Common Core bill to be heard this Thursday, Feb. 13
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Update on SB 167 and SB 203:
SB 167 (Student Right to Privacy Act) and SB 203 (An Act to Restore Educational Authority to Georgia Citizens) have been combined into one bill, SB 167, entitled An Act to Restore Educational Authority to Georgia Citizens and Ensure Student Right to Privacy.

SB 167 was expected to be heard in committee on Tuesday, February 11. Due to possible inclement weather, Sen. Lindsey Tippins, chairman of the Senate Education and Youth Committee is going to move the hearing to Thursday, February 13.

We will send out the exact time and location when it has been announced.

Action Item #1:
Contact the members of the Senate and Youth Education Committee TODAY and urge them to pass SB 167 as reintroduced committee substitute. Tell them to support only the language approved by Sen. William Ligon and only amendments he accepts.

Sen. Lindsey Tippins- Chairman
404-0657-0406 / e-mail (

Sen. John Wilkinson- Vice Chairman
404-463-5257 / e-mail (

Sen. Freddie Powell Sims- Secretary
404-463-5259 / e-mail (

Sen. Dean Burke
404-656-0040 / e-mail (

Sen. Vincent Fort
404-656-5091 / e-mail (

Sen. Chuck Hufstetler
404-656-0034 / e-mail (

Sen. Donzella James
404-463-1379 / e-mail (

Sen. Fran Millar
404-463-2260 / e-mail (

Sen. Butch Miller
404-656-6578 / e-mail (

Sen. Jesse Stone
404-463-1314 / e-mail (

Sen. Horacena Tate
404-463-8053 / e-mail (

Action Item #2:
If at all possible, please plan to attend the hearing. We need to pack the hearing with concerned parents, students, teachers, and taxpayers. We all fall into one of those categories! Please consider traveling to the Capitol and attending the hearing to show your support. We cannot win this battle without your help!

for the members of the committee. Pray that their eyes will be open to the truth about Common Core and the impact that national standards will have on Georgia children for generations to come.

Check out our pictures from the rally/press conference.

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