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Your Shoes Make the Difference!

Your Shoes Make the Difference!
By: Chelsen Vicari - 9/8/2011

Women love shoes. Shoes make us feel stylish, vibrant, and, for some, taller. Now Concerned Women for America (CWA) is using shoes to make an even bigger impact in women’s lives. Last week, CWA delivered thousands of new baby shoes to crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) across the country. Penny Nance, CWA’s CEO and President, and Shari Rendall, Director of Legislation and Public Policy, made a special trip to the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center (CHPC) to hand deliver a portion of the baby shoes our faithful CWA members made possible. CHPC’s executive director, Janet Durig, expressed her gratitude, saying, “We seldom have ‘brand new’ items to give our clients, and to be able to gift them brand new shoes, not even gently used, is extremely heartwarming. In many of our clients’ situations, these shoes might be the only new item of baby clothing their baby will ever have.”

CHPC, like other CPCs, is a faith-based organization that advances the pro-life cause by offering ongoing pregnancy services, support, and counseling to women considering abortion. Unlike Planned Parenthood, CPCs are not government-funded and rely solely on the generous support of churches, individuals, and organizations like CWA.

We are committed to supporting the tremendous effort of CPCs. CWA’s Shari Rendall explains, “Like CPCs, CWA is about both prayer and action. Yes, we pray that mothers will not kill their babies, and in the meantime, CWA is doing what we can to encourage women to choose life by providing the materials necessary to have healthy happy babies. By donating baby shoes to low-income families through organizations like the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center, we are aiding an effective movement that is saving lives.”

Obviously, shoes really can make a big impression. But in addition to baby shoes, CWA provides local CPCs with After the Choice, a DVD documenting the personal testimony of women who have suffered tremendous physical and emotional turmoil after they chose abortion.

Check to see if your local CPC has its free copy of After the Choice. If they don’t, have them contact us at 800-458-8797. To purchase your own copy of After the Choice, click here.

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