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  • Aug 27 | 2015
    Hillary Clinton Compares GOP Presidential Candidates to Terrorists

    Washington, D.C. – Hillary Clinton compared Republican presidential candidates to “terrorist groups” today during a speech in Cleveland, Ohio. Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization, had this to say: “Hillary Clinton’s statements comparing GOP presidential candidates to terrorists is a desperate […]  READ MORE

  • Aug 27 | 2015
    A Rally Point for America

    I was so encouraged to see all the people at the Planned Parenthood rally this past weekend. It was so good to know that I was not alone in being moved to justice for the unborn, tortured, and abandoned. The Center for Medical Progress has been a blessing to this country in opening the eyes of […]  READ MORE

  • Aug 26 | 2015
    I’ve Been Where You Are

    Editor’s Note: If you’ve ever wondered what a woman can go through with a “safe, legal, and rare” abortion, read on. And if you’re one of those women who has experienced one and is silently struggling with your decision, definitely read on. There is hope … and healing. Hello, my name is Cathy. Most people […]  READ MORE

  • Aug 24 | 2015
    For America (Day 56)

    Our Father in heaven, Most holy Creator, God, King, Redeemer, Sustainer, Blessed be Your name now and forevermore. As the preacher says, Command what You will, Lord, And will what You command. We are at Your mercy.  READ MORE

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