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  • Feb 10 | 2016
    All-Out ‘Equality’ in the Military Is an Ideological Fallacy

    The GOP candidates were prepared for anything the moderators might throw at them at last week’s debate in New Hampshire. From immigration to what toppings Megyn Kelly likes on her pizza, they were ready. But when asked about whether they agree with instituting a female-integrated draft, they started to squirm.  READ MORE

  • Feb 8 | 2016
    [LBB] More “Pro-Choice” Hysteria

    I have told you many times that there are an infinite number of reasons you do not want to be “pro-choice.” Reason number 12,345,700: it’s just so tiring. Did you see the feverish frenzy this weekend over the Doritos Super Bowl commercial?  READ MORE

  • Feb 8 | 2016
    CWA Responds to GOP Draft Discussion

    Washington, D.C. -Saturday night, during the ABC GOP debate, candidates were asked about women serving in combat and being called to register for the draft if it were to ever be reinstated. Concerned Women for America CEO and President Penny Nance had this to say  READ MORE

  • Feb 5 | 2016
    Threat to Freedom Highlighted in ‘God’s Not Dead 2′

    If you care about religious freedom — in fact, if you care about freedom (“period”) — you must take the time to go see “God’s Not Dead 2,” in theaters nationwide this coming April.  READ MORE

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