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Update: War on ISIS




  • Feb 26 | 2015
    Iran Shows Force as U.S. Prepares Framework for Nuclear Deal

    On Wednesday afternoon, reports were made that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard held a naval exercise on a mock U.S. aircraft carrier near the Persian Gulf.  The reports were verified when an Iranian television broadcasted the bombing of the U.S. warship.  READ MORE

  • Feb 26 | 2015
    Israel’s Freedom’s Such as Press, Religion and Expression Should Be Allowed to Flourish

    Recent news has brought to light several deeply disturbing global phenomena: the precipitous rise of radical Islam, an increase in anti-Semitism, and the decimation of Christian populations in the Middle East. Amazingly, there is one small nation on the frontlines of all three conflicts: Israel.  READ MORE

  • Feb 25 | 2015
    Why ‘Sex Box’ needs to be stopped

    There will soon be a new show on cable television that would make our grandparent’s generation roll over in their graves. No doubt times have changed, but this new show begs the question of how far the media will go to get ratings.  READ MORE

  • Feb 25 | 2015
    For America (Day 45)

    Dear Lord, our King, As we see America tumbling down To complete blindness and moral chaos, We turn to You. The Scriptures tell us the way to redemption Is to take heed of Your Word. Would You put that desire in us, A desire to seek wisdom in our statutes?  READ MORE

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