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  • Dec 17 | 2014
    For America (Day 31)

    Great God, We lift our voices on behalf of our country, America. Who are we that You should think of us and even care for us? You are the God of all creation, no matter how hard some try to ignore it.  READ MORE

  • Dec 17 | 2014
    So You Want to Restore the Filibuster?

    Reports started to trickle down last week after a GOP meeting behind closed doors of a great divide among Republican senators on whether or not to restore the filibuster for judicial nominees when they take back the majority, undoing the so-called “nuclear option” deployed by Democrats when they were in the majority.  READ MORE

  • Dec 16 | 2014
    [LBB] A Rare Glimpse at Common Sense

    Order forcing Massachusetts to provide taxpayer-funded sex-reassignment surgery for a man (now claiming to be a woman) convicted of murder reversed.  READ MORE

  • Dec 12 | 2014
    “Cromnibus” Rammed Through, Deadline Extended to Saturday for Final Passage

    Earlier this week, House Republican Leadership introduced their 1603-page “Cromnibus.”  READ MORE

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