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  • Jul 28 | 2015
    Presidential Math

    Quick! Someone Common Core this for me! Have you ever heard the one-liner, “Over 78% of statistics are made up on the spot”? Well, that joke has now made it to the White House — and the president loves to tell variations of it at his press conferences. Most recently, the president claimed that “99% […]  READ MORE

  • Jul 24 | 2015
    Protesting vs. Sidewalk Counseling

    There are such noble reasons for protests. Truly there are.  As I sit here, my office prepares to protest the so-called “deal” with Iran, which is really no deal at all, but an unwise and naïve concession.  Protests matter.  They start conversations.  They move hearts.  Some are crazy and violent and without a message (think […]  READ MORE

  • Jul 24 | 2015
    Dr. Bruchalski’s Road to Damascus Story

    In the beginning of the pro-life movement, we first messaged our position in terms of saving the lives of the unborn, and rightly so.  But the movement realized people needed to know that mothers were also cared for, so pregnancy centers and slogans like “Love Them Both” and “One Dead: One Wounded” started to become […]  READ MORE

  • Jul 24 | 2015
    Defending Planned Parenthood is Blindness

    Nothing is beneath the horror of Planned Parenthood.  This has got to stop! Why do we fund Planned Parenthood? Why does the government give Planned Parenthood over $528 million in taxpayer funding each year (that’s $1.4 million per day) when they had excess revenue of $127 million according to their last annual report and their […]  READ MORE

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