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Family Issues

Congressional Report Recognizes Abstinence Education is Best7/17/2012

The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee released a report that supports what groups like CWA have touted for years – abstinence education works!  READ MORE

I Am Not My Husband6/13/2012

I cannot imagine the huge hole that father-absence makes in a child’s life.  READ MORE

Pedophilia – Normal or Cause for Outrage?11/18/2011

Win the battles over language and you win the culture war.  READ MORE

NYC: Sex Ed, STDs and OWS11/3/2011

Two stories in New York in recent weeks bring together Occupy Wall Street (OWS), STDs and sex ed. Is this going to be cringe worthy? You betcha!  READ MORE

Steve Jobs: His Life and Legacy10/7/2011

Like countless others, the circumstances of Jobs’ birth might have been “accidental,” but his extraordinary life bears witness to the fact that, in God’s economy, there are no mistakes.  READ MORE

Rising Rates of Family Instability Linked to Cohabitation, Not Divorce8/25/2011

A new report, looks at the rising rates of instability in families and discovers an alarming truth, that the impact of cohabitation is worse than divorce.  READ MORE

Abortion Drugs Compliments of Neighbors and Friends8/8/2011

Pregnancy and childbirth have moved from a woman’s natural, wonderful privilege to a medical “state” needing government and insurance representatives’ intervention for prevention and/or elimination.  READ MORE

Evangelical Men Make Great Dads6/20/2011

Clearly, Wilcox destroys the old idea that insensitive and authoritarian fathering is associated with evangelical Protestant men.  READ MORE

Marriage Trends and the Evangelical Faithful5/20/2011

Over the last half century, the institution of marriage has lost authority, power, and social functions in the U.S.  READ MORE

Surprising Findings on the Standard of Living5/11/2011

A recent survey on the quality of life in various nations surprisingly ranked Great Britain below several less developed countries.  READ MORE

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