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Feminist / Women’s Issues

White Ribbons Against Pornography Week Approaching10/17/2012

Pornography awareness week celebrates its 25th anniversary beginning October 28th.  READ MORE

Are We Better Off after the Pill?10/16/2012

Studies suggest that many of the new freedoms afforded to women since the 1970s have backfired.  READ MORE

Rape, Incest, and Abortion: Women Victims Want Their Voices Heard10/11/2012

Opinions are heated, and it seems everyone has something to say about pregnancy in case of rape.  READ MORE

Of “Lady Parts” and Politics10/3/2012

Our foremothers did not fight for the right to vote so that the Democrats could reduce them to their “lady parts.”  READ MORE

New York City Schools: Reading, Writing, and Morning-After Pills9/25/2012

Birth control pills, shots, and morning-after pills require a prescription for minors and parental consent. But this poses no obstacle for New York City public schools.  READ MORE

Doesn’t Opposing Abortion Regulation Violate the Meaning of “Safe, Legal, and Rare”?9/21/2012

With over 3,300 abortions performed every day, one baby dies every thirty seconds. Exactly why do we call it “safe”?  READ MORE

Crouse: Jailing Pussy Riot in Russia8/20/2012

Russian feminist punk rock band, Pussy Riot, embraces a “blame-everyone-but-us” ideology and a disdain for capitalism, Christianity, and individual responsibility.  READ MORE

Crouse: Helen Gurley Brown’s Pernicious Legacy8/16/2012

Helen Gurley Brown, former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, passed away this week, but her toxic legacy for the American woman lives on.  READ MORE

New Survey Supports VAWA Reforms7/18/2012

VAWA has morphed into a rigid, inhumane law enforcement tool that hurts and denigrates men, and protects fewer and fewer women. It must be reformed.  READ MORE

New Hope for Life Worldwide7/9/2012

For the first time in 16 years abortion facilities are on the decline while, conversely, an explosion of life-affirming laws are being enacted across the United States and abroad.  READ MORE

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