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Social / Cultural Issues

STD Numbers Rise Again, Failed Sex Ed Programs Still Get Funding4/2/2013

There is an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, and it is getting worse by the year.  READ MORE

Planned Parenthood Think Tank Inflates Abortion Numbers1/3/2013

Distorted abortion numbers show the abortion giant is not interested in making abortion “rare”.  READ MORE

What’s Happening with the Youth Vote in Election 201210/25/2012

Only the “Kool-Aid” crowd buys into the hype that the catch phrase of “hope and change” has been replaced with “forward.”  READ MORE

Your Voice: Why A Woman’s Vote Matters10/10/2012

Think of all the women around the world who are not allowed to vote; many would give anything to have that privilege, and yet, so many Americans take their right to vote for granted.  READ MORE

Marriage Helps Men Survive Economic Recession5/3/2012

Economists refer to the economic benefit that accrues to married couples as the “marriage premium.”  READ MORE

Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom3/21/2012

As Christians, we must continue to pray. But we must not stop there. We must get involved and take action!  READ MORE

‘I do’ does matter2/9/2012

Though marriage is a critical institution in civil society, researchers agree that it is endangered and in a fragile state.  READ MORE

UK Vouchers for Child Rearing11/17/2011

The United Kingdom has taken the bold step of offering 100 pound vouchers to at-risk families that sign up for lessons in parenting, child rearing, discipline, managing conflict, and communication.  READ MORE

Fox’s ‘Glee’ wrong to promote teen sex11/10/2011

Glee’s ratings booster — teenage sexual activity — routinely leads to emotional turmoil and psychological distress.  READ MORE

Seven Billion People: Over-Population or Birth Dearth?10/31/2011

Today, our world reaches a major population milestone, and that is great cause for celebration. And while many around the world are doing just that, far too many have bought into warped statistics and faulty estimates — the “overpopulation myth.”  READ MORE

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