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Face to Face: The Hobby Lobby Decision6/30/2014

8:30 a.m. As I walked up to the Supreme Court this morning, all I could do was think and pray.  “Today is a BIG day,” I whispered to myself.  With each step I took up the marble steps, anxiety started to build.  There was so much at stake.  Hobby Lobby, a faith-based family business has […]  READ MORE

Israel: A Nation Surrounded6/27/2014

We’ve all heard Israel described as a small nation surrounded by Arab nations, but have you ever wondered where all the terrorist organizations are located? Click here for a rather disturbing chart.  READ MORE

UPDATE on Meriam! Freed Yesterday, Detained Today!6/24/2014

Yesterday, we rejoiced over news that Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese mother sentenced to die for her Christian faith, had been released from prison. Today, new reports say she has been detained while trying to leave the country.  READ MORE

Demonstrate Support for Kidnapped Israeli Teenagers6/19/2014

Today marks one week since three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped by the Hamas terrorist group — something Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel knows for a fact.  READ MORE

Common Core States: They’re Dropping Like Flies6/19/2014

Breaking: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced that he signed an executive order to drop his state from the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the Partnership of Assessments for College and Career Readiness (PARCC) assessments!  READ MORE

Eighty-Eight Senators Stand for Israel6/13/2014

In late April, Israel made the decision to suspend peace talks with the Palestinians when the divided factions of Palestine — Fatah in the West Bank and Hamas from the Gaza Strip, which has continuously attacked Israel — announced plans for a unified government.  READ MORE

Sentenced to Death for Loving Christ6/12/2014

Marches begin today at the White House to provoke President Obama to action in freeing Sudanese woman, Meriam Yahya Ibrahim.  READ MORE

70 Years Later, We Remember the Importance of D-Day6/6/2014

On this day in 1944, roughly 156,000 American, British, and Canadian forces stormed five beaches of Normandy, France. “D-Day,” as it is known, is remembered as the beginning of the end of World War II  READ MORE

Michelle Obama’s War on Junk Food: Good Intentions, Bad Strategy6/2/2014

Michelle Obama is right about one thing: Our children are — there is no other way to say it — fat and unhealthy. According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 18 percent of children 6-11 years old and 21 percent of children 12-19 years old are obese.  READ MORE

NFL’s Michael Sam and Our Response as Christians5/21/2014

I’m sure your newsfeed was flooded with recent articles and photos displaying the infamous Michael Sam kiss during the 2014 NFL draft. Sam had his detractors, but those in the ever-tolerant NFL weren’t having any of it.  READ MORE

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