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SpeakOut Illinois 201311/27/2012

CWA of Illinois strongly encourages you to attend this conference!  READ MORE

Why Parents Should Keep Their Children Home from School on the Day of Silence3/1/2012

A coalition of pro-family groups is urging parents to keep their children home from school on the “Day of Silence,” if your school is allowing students to refuse to speak in class.  READ MORE

The G8/NATO Summit in Chicago Brings Opportunity to Pray2/8/2012

Many people see the G8/NATO Summit as recognition of our country’s loss of sovereignty.  READ MORE

Save the Date – January, 28, 2012 – Speak Out Illinois12/7/2011

As a co-sponsor of this outstanding event, CWA of Illinois encourages you to mark your calendar, register and plan to be informed and inspired.  READ MORE

Why is Homosexuality Wrong?11/19/2011

Physiologically one can see that God gave the miraculous ability to create life in the natural sexual act between a man and a woman.  READ MORE

Northwestern University Psychology Professor Approves Aberrant Sex Act in Class – Parents Should Be Outraged3/22/2011

Your action is needed! This article contains sensitive material that may be offensive to young children.  READ MORE

Planned Parenthood Clinic Secrets Are Not New, Only a Continuation of Common Practice3/15/2011

In 2002 secretly recorded tapes suggesting that 21 abortion clinics in Illinois, including 12 Planned Parenthood clinics, would knowingly break the law to protect adult sexual predators. Listen for yourself!  READ MORE

Speak Out Illinois Conference – January 29, 201112/8/2010

CWA of Illinois encourages you to attend and bring a friend!  READ MORE

Recommended Reading: A Kleptocracy? Stop That Thief! – by Pastor Vernon Lyons of Ashburn Baptist Church in Illinois4/2/2010

A Kleptocracy is that form of government which forcibly takes more and more of your money for its own plans, purposes, and the personal power and benefit of the politicians.CWA of Illinois highly recomends this article.  READ MORE


Judge Daniel A. Riley of the Cook County Circuit Court is commended in CWA of Illinois press release.  READ MORE

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