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Legislative Updates

Legislative Update for December 20, 201312/20/2013

With the House of Representatives out of session for the remainder of the year, the Senate is in for the long haul. House ENDA:   On December 16, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee’s (CWALAC) Director of House Legislation, Shari Rendall, participated in a panel discussion on the House side opposing the Employment Non-Discrimination […]  READ MORE

Legislative Update for December 13, 201312/13/2013

House Budget Deal: The House passed the Ryan-Murray budget deal by a vote of 332-94 that set-aside the bipartisan Budget Control Act of 2011, increased spending from $967 billion to $1 trillion, and imposed new revenue, like the Transportation Security Agency fee increase. To read CWALAC’s letter of opposition to the budget deal, click here. […]  READ MORE

Legislative Update for December 6, 201312/6/2013

House While the House and Senate were out last week, the Obama Internal Revenue Service (IRS) proposed new guidelines for 501(c)(4) organizations, which will have the significant effect of chilling advocacy groups’ activities, particularly in how they communicate to their members.  In typical Obama Administration form, the IRS took action towards silencing 501(c)(4)s, instead of […]  READ MORE

Legislative Update for November 29, 201311/29/2013

The House of Representatives and United States Senate are out of session this week for Thanksgiving break.  READ MORE

Legislative Update for November 22, 201311/22/2013

House HHS Mandate:  While President Obama is proposing a band-aid fix for those Americans who lost their health insurance, the Supreme Court is preparing to decide whether to hear the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood cases on the HHS mandate.  Unless Congress passes legislation to protect conscience, Americans will be forced in January to subsidize […]  READ MORE

Legislative Update for November 15, 201311/15/2013

House Keep Your Health Plan Act: On Friday, the House voted 261-157 for a bill that would allow health insurers to continue to offer current plans for an additional year even if they don’t meet the ObamaCare requirements. Thirty-nine Democrats joined Republicans to support this legislation. Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) joined […]  READ MORE

Legislative Update for November 8, 201311/8/2013

CWALAC has been sharing stories that you gave us with our friends on the Hill. They will be highlighting some of these when the bill is brought up. For more information on ObamaCare, click here. To submit your story, please e-mail  READ MORE

Legislative Update for October 18, 201310/18/2013

The shutdown is over. A bipartisan “deal” was unveiled, passed through both Chambers of Congress, and signed into law, ending the government shutdown late Wednesday night.  READ MORE

Legislative Update for October 11, 201310/11/2013

Congress started the week operating in a government shutdown and finished by sitting down with the president to discuss options.  READ MORE

Legislative Update for October 4, 201310/4/2013

The blame game has started as of midnight, Tuesday, October 1. When will the Federal Government shutdown end? Only time will tell.  READ MORE

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