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North Carolina

The Charlotte Bathroom Ordinance Must Be Overturned3/16/2016

Dear Concerned North Carolinian: The Charlotte City Council voted on February 22, 2016, to pass the bathroom ordinance. It legally allows men, or men appearing as women, to enter women’s bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms at any time for any reason.  It is beyond common sense and beyond belief.  We are concerned that this ordinance […]  READ MORE

Overturn Charlotte’s Bathroom Ordinance3/9/2016

Our only hope to protect children, women, and businesses across the state is for the Governor and General Assembly to call for a special session before April 1. Concerned Women for America of North Carolina asks you to join us in thanking: Speaker Tim Moore (919) 733-3451/ who indicated he had received requests from over […]  READ MORE

ACT NOW: Ask Gov. McCrory to Stop Charlotte’s Bathroom Ordinance3/3/2016

Concerned Women for America (CWA) of North Carolina urges Gov. Pat McCrory to protect our women and children from bathroom predators by exerting his leadership to call for a special session of the General Assembly in order to repeal Charlotte’s unconstitutional bathroom and public accommodations ordinance by or before March 30, 2016.  There is no reason […]  READ MORE

Charlotte City Council Votes YES to Males in Female Bathrooms2/24/2016

“We the people” were not heard! After hearing over two and a half hours of public testimony from over 140 citizens speaking to the Charlotte City Council, on the late evening of February 22, 2016, the transgender nondiscrimination bathroom ordinance passed with a 7-4 vote, legally allowing men, or men appearing as women, to enter […]  READ MORE

Stop the North Carolina Bathroom Ordinance: Pray, Contribute to Ad Blitz and Attend this Monday’s Rally2/17/2016

Dear Friend, Concerned Women for America of North Carolina cares deeply about the laws made by our elected leaders.  These laws will impact generations to come.  The current Bathroom Ordnance is one such law.  It must be stopped for the sake of our children, and our children’s children. North Carolinians who are concerned about the […]  READ MORE

No Men In Women’s Restrooms: Period! #DontDoItCharlotte – Save these February Dates2/4/2016

Dear Friend, Concerned Women for America of North Carolina has a history of almost 20 years of advocating to protect and support the Biblical design of marriage and the gift of children.  On Monday, February 8, the Charlotte City Council is expected to bring the transgender bathroom bill ordinance up for consideration. The transgender bathroom […]  READ MORE

North Carolinians Act NOW to Protect Charlotte’s Public Bathrooms! Sign Petition! Pastors and Faith Leaders Unite!1/25/2016

When the Charlotte City Council Members meet next month on Monday, February 8, they will vote on the controversial “bathroom”  Nondiscrimination Ordinance; the proposed LGBT Favoritism Law.  Last March, the people of Charlotte successfully rallied, and their voices were heard; the City Council voted down the “sexual orientation,” and “gender identity,” (SOGI) ordinance. This year, […]  READ MORE

Your North Carolina Representative Needs to Hear From You!12/22/2015

We have the largest number of Republicans in the House in nearly a century thanks to conservative value voters in the last two elections. Now the country has been betrayed by the Republican Party majority in Congress. I am angry and frustrated that the Republican Party in the House of Representatives passed a $1.1 trillion […]  READ MORE

Merry Christmas From CWA of North Carolina!12/7/2015

Take a moment to read our Christmas letter to you.  READ MORE

Thank You for a Successful Fundraiser!11/18/2015

The CWA of North Carolina Flapjack Fundraiser held at Applebee’s Restaurant in Pineville on the last weekend of October, 2015, was very successful. We hope to have a similar event every year. It was wonderful to see old and new friends of CWA of North Carolina, along with our pro-family-values coalition partners, all expressing thanks and support for our mission […]  READ MORE

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