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Latest News On Repeal Of Virginia Informed Consent Laws Regarding Ultrasounds

Latest News On Repeal Of Virginia Informed Consent Laws Regarding Ultrasounds

Latest News On Repeal Of Virginia Informed Consent Laws Regarding Ultrasounds

SB 617 would repeal the abortion informed consent laws that allowed the mother to view an ultrasound prior to making this life changing decision.

Last week SB 617 was reported from the Senate Education and Health committee. After the reorganization of the Senate and rule changes, this did not take us by surprise.

This Tuesday, February 11, the full Senate will vote on this measure. The Senators are under great pressure so they need to hear from you TODAY! Regardless of their party, they need to hear in record numbers that Virginians stands for life. Respectfully ask that they oppose SB 617.

To e-mail your senator click on his name. To find out who your senator is Click here.

Alexander, Kenneth C. 5th (804) 698-7505
Barker, George L. – 39th: (804) 698-7539
Black, Richard H. – 13th: (804) 698-7513
Carrico, Charles W., Sr. – 40th: (804) 698-7540
Colgan, Charles J. – 29th: (804) 698-7529
Cosgrove, John A. , Jr. – 14th: (804) 698-7514
Deeds, R. Creigh – 25th: (804) 698-7525
Ebbin, Adam P. – 30th: (804) 698-7530
Edwards, John S. – 21st: (804) 698-7521
Favola, Barbara A. – 31st: (804) 698-7531
Garrett, Thomas A., Jr. – 22nd: (804) 698-7522
Hanger, Emmett W., Jr. – 24th: (804) 698-7524
Howell, Janet D. – 32nd: (804) 698-7532
Lewis, Lynwood W. , Jr. – 6th: (804) 698-7506
Locke, Mamie E. – 2nd: (804) 698-7502
Lucas, L. Louise – 18th: (804) 698-7518
Marsden, David W. – 37th: (804) 698-7537
Marsh, Henry L., III – 16th: (804) 698-7516
Martin, Stephen H. – 11th: (804) 698-7511
McDougle, Ryan T. – 4th: (804) 698-7504
McEachin, A. Donald – 9th: (804) 698-7509
McWaters, Jeffrey L. – 8th: (804) 698-7508
Miller, John C. – 1st: (804) 698-7501
Newman, Stephen D. – 23rd: (804) 698-7523
Norment, Thomas K. – Jr.3rd: (804) 698-7503
Obenshain, Mark D. – 26th: (804) 698-7526
Petersen, J. Chapman – 34th: (804) 698-7534
Puckett, Phillip P. – 38th: (804) 698-7538
Puller, Linda T. – 36th: (804) 698-7536
Reeves, Bryce E. – 17th: (804) 698-7517
Ruff, Frank M., Jr. – 15th: (804) 698-7515
Saslaw, Richard L. – 35th: (804) 698-7535
Smith, Ralph K. – 19th: (804) 698-7519
Stanley, William M., Jr. – 20th: (804) 698-7520
Stosch, Walter A. – 12th: (804) 698-7512
Stuart, Richard H. – 28th: (804) 698-7528
Vogel, Jill Holtzman – 27th: (804) 698-7527
Wagner, Frank W. – 7th: (804) 698-7507
Watkins, John C. – 10th: (804) 698-7510
Wexton, Jennifer T. – 33rd: (804) 698-7533

Make a note to yourself to be praying throughout the day tomorrow. Ask the Lord to touch each of these senators that they will see clearly what is at stake and have the courage to do what is right.

Pro-Life is Pro-Women!

Janet Robey
State Director
CWA of Virginia

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