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Legal Studies

The Faces of the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Movement

Behold the faces of the pro-life and pro-abortion movement. You decide which side you want to be associated with. Here is the report from ABC6/FOX28 via LifeNews:

On "Missing" IRS Emails

On “Missing” IRS Emails Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina) is one of our favorites at the Legal Blurb Blog (LBB) and here is why:

At a time when a biased media seems disinterested in the truth, opting to advance a political agenda, we need more representatives like this to remain focused on the task at hand. The IRS scandal represents the worst in government and we should all be united in denouncing it and making sure it never happens again. Ever.

CWA Continues to Fight for Religious Liberty

cwarsbriefThis week Concerned Women for America (CWA) submitted its latest religious freedom brief in an important case against ObamaCare’s assault on conscience rights, Reaching Souls v. Sebelius. Reaching Souls International, a nonprofit ministry preaching and caring for orphans in Africa, India and Cuba; Truett-McConnell College, a Baptist college, and GuideStone Financial Resource, the benefits arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, brought this class-action lawsuit challenging what is known as the HHS or contraception mandate imposed as part of ObamaCare. They groups are well-represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty together with the national law firm Locke Lord LLP. CWA’s brief presents a unique voice that is often unrepresented and/or misrepresented in the courts: that of conservative women. As you know, the government claims to be acting “on behalf of women,” by applying this mandate, but nothing is further from the truth.

The government’s flimsy dismissal of the substantial burden it places on religious organizations in this case is not only unpersuasive but insulting to the thousands of religious women we represent. If the accommodation at issue in this case is immaterial, why has the government spent so much time and resources to impose it on religious groups? … Women are not a monolithic group of people placing similar values in all areas of life, including faith or reproductive rights. But they should all be treated equally and with respect and dignity. The government distorts the facts when it argues that it is acting on behalf of “women” by imposing this Mandate. Amicus urges this Court to reject any urgency to simplify the values of women by taking the singular view of a few and imposing it by force of law on all.

Click here for the entire brief in .pdf format.

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