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humanumThis week, Pope Francis, convened at The Vatican an International Colloquium on “The Complementarity of Man and Woman.” Called Humanum, this historic event, highlights the importance of God’s model for marriage and the numerous reasons for holding fast to Truth in this area in an increasingly hostile society.

Today, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Former Chief Rabbi of the UK and the Commonwealth, delivered a passionate address that is sure to stand the test of time, concluding beautifully:

And so it has been ever since, that when a man and woman turn to one another in a bond of faithfulness, God robes them in garments of light, and we come as close as we will ever get to God himself, bringing new life into being, turning the prose of biology into the poetry of the human spirit, redeeming the darkness of the world by the radiance of love.

Here are some highlights:

Thoughts on Election Day

Benjamin_RushBenjamin Rush, one of America’s Founding Father, said, “Every citizen of a republic… must watch for the state as if its liberties depended upon his vigilance alone.” What a powerful thought and one that I believe is appropriate for the sake of the future of our nation.

We are dealing with such crucial issues in our day. Our country is debating foundational principles that in my estimation are the very pillars of freedom. All the issues Concerned Women for America works on are at stake, from the sanctity of human life to the protection of the family to marriage and religious liberty to education to sexual exploitation. Not to mention the incredible challenges we face with our national security and new economic realities.

We simply cannot afford to have opportunistic, self-aggrandizing political operatives. We need men and women of character. We need sincere, honest, humble men and women who fear God and want to be true servants to their fellow men.

In a recent op-ed, I called on the President to change his ways when it comes to the nomination of the next Attorney General. There you have a specific situation where the new composition of the senate would have an impact on the type of candidate we get. Also when it comes to the nomination of judges, who will play such a pivotal role in directing policy for years to come, the composition of the senate and also the quality of leadership we get will shape the climate in the senate on a number of different issues.

Harry Reid has been a disaster for the country and not because he is a Democrat. His radical approach to leadership left the senate practically paralyzed at a time when the country needed leadership the most. If it is one thing we need, even if the Democrats keep hold of the senate, is a change in leadership style.

It is time we step out of the childish partisan tantrums that have become synonymous with Washington today. But that will only happen if we take responsibility for what is done in Washington. We are ultimately to blame, for we get today. Today, we can make a difference. Today is about you and me.

Let us vote!

ObamaCare Tax Credit Challenge Back to Court

openhonestObamaCare (Halbig v. Burwell) will now go back for a re-hearing before the full D.C. Circuit. If you remember, a divided three-judge panel ruled that the law meant what it said when it authorized exchanges established by the states and did not authorize the federal government to do so. Therefore, the states that declined to set up these exchanges could not rely on a federal government exchange. Arguments are scheduled for December 17, according to the order.

However, it is important to remember that the D.C. Court of Appeals is the court that President Obama packed with his people after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) broke Senate rules to enact the so-called “nuclear option.” This is just one of the many results we have seen from this abuse of power.

Some Republicans have tried to make Democrats “pay” for violating Senate rules, but it is fairly clear now that the price has been well worth it for Democrats. This should serve as a reminder that when and if a change in leadership in the Senate happens, the new precedent (established by Democrats) must remain. As they say, “What's good for the goose is good for the gander.”

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