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Should the Church Betray Scripture to Accept Same-Sex 'Marriage?'

mparisI wanted to alert you to nationally syndicated talk show host Steve Deace’s column in the Washington Times, titled, “Thank God for this gay atheist.” It calls the church to a strong self-evaluation in light of its apparent willingness to “accommodate” or “mold” to approve homosexual “marriage.” Deace quotes Matthew Paris, a “gay atheist,” extensively throughout. Paris, who responded in a United Kingdom’s Spectator column to the news of Ireland becoming the first nation to vote for the redefinition of marriage, said, “As a gay atheist I want to see the church oppose same-sex marriage.” Deace goes on to deliver these powerful words:

Mr. Paris tragically concludes that by surrendering the moral high ground on the marriage debate, the church turns out to be exactly what critics like him claimed all this time. By moving from solid rock to shifting sand, the church did not draw closer to the likes of Mr. Paris but drove him further away.

It’s clear Mr. Paris is not happy to have his most sinister suspicions confirmed and that he wanted to believe the church really believed as well. Thus, instead of celebrating the church’s capitulation to his craven desires and welcoming the church to “the right side of history,” Mr. Paris rightly rebukes us. He admits he has no respect for an institution so needy of his ilk’s approval that we would readily betray the blood shed at the cross on our behalf by Christ himself.

Click here to read Deace’s entire column.

The Jenner Fantasy

vfjennerwebcsI wish I was Bruce Jenner’s father. Looking at the most recent Vanity Fair cover, it just breaks my heart to see a man in such pain. Jenner seems to be looking for acceptance and validation among those who seek to exploit him most for their personal gain, when the reality is that he is and always has been of immeasurable value.

This is what all good fathers know and try to impart in their children. When our children come to us thinking they are “ugly” or “freaks” or “awkward,” saying that nobody would ever love them, we comfort them with the truth that God created them with tender loving care while they were still in their mother’s womb. We tell them that they are not accidents, but blessings of God, purposely selected to be just as they are, to be uniquely loved by God and for them to love God above all.

And, of course, we tell them how much we (their parents) love them. I have lost count of the many times I have told my daughter Mia the story of her birth. “When you came out, you were this little, tiny baby, and daddy took you in his arms and told you, ‘I’ll take care of you, baby.’ And I will; you are very special to me.”

My daughters, as every other parent would tell you, are perfect. I actually rebel against today’s “fashion and beauty” and the Hollywood industry that tells young girls at every turn that they must look a certain way to have value.

My boy has autism. And he is perfect. Just as God created him. When others come and try to make him feel bad because of his naïve nature, guess what I tell him? “You are the most ‘awesomest’ boy I have ever met. You are a good boy, and God and I are pleased in you. Just keep doing what you know is right.”

I want my kids to know they need not change their appearance to fit into anyone’s preconceived notions of who they are. The power to bring about transforming change in their lives belongs only to He who created them: God.

But today’s culture rejects that essential reality. Today’s culture makes the fundamental mistake of choosing between reality and fantasy as if they were equal. Therefore, we end up with a sort of schizophrenia that encourages us to live with our eyes closed, hitting every obstacle we encounter, causing great harm to ourselves, when all we have to do is open our eyes.

Think about it. For all the talk of this culture wanting to break the stereotypes of men and women and so forth, when Bruce Jenner “feels like a woman,” he feels the need (and everyone encourages him) to look like the stereotypical woman. The picture in Vanity Fair by the great photographer Annie Leibovitz is as cliché as they come. It is everything the culture says it wants to break down for women.

Isn’t it amazing how outraged the liberal elites get when people comment on a woman’s looks and ignore her personal accomplishments? Yet, in the case of Bruce Jenner, they talk of nothing else but his looks.

Shame on our media-obsessed culture for what they are doing to this poor man. He has made his own choices, don’t get me wrong, he must answer for them, but our culture bears some responsibility for sure. I feel the burden, at least.

The saddest part of all is that we will continue to see much more of Bruce Jenner. How do I know that? Because he will not find what he is looking for in living out his Caitlyn fantasy. Therefore, he will need something else very soon to fill the void he will still have in his heart. He is searching for something that is not found in a fantasy, but in reality.

And until he opens his eyes, he will continue to stumble.


By the way … Vanity Fair is a Disgraceful Publication

I couldn’t help but notice the advertisement on the Vanity Fair article on Bruce Jenner (see the screen capture above). The picture says it all: filth (yes, he is completely nude, we had to cover it out of respect for you, our readers). That is Vanity Fair, despite its distinguished name. It should come as no surprise that they are so comfortable exploiting Bruce Jenner’s pain. Shame on them.

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