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About CWA of Montana

tonya Tonya Shellnutt
State Director

State Office:
P.O. Box 1141
Laurel, MT


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It is our time to make a difference and be the voice for women that speaks of hope, meaningful legacies, and intentionality. Our future generations are counting us to be the light in darkness. Join me as we band together in Montana and across the nation to be the conservative voice that doesn’t waver, compromise, or succumb to apathy. Together, our voice will be one of courage and purpose.

Listen to a message from your State Director Tonya Shellnutt.

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Montana News and Headlines

NARAL of Montana Misrepresenting CPCs4/1/2014

Information You Need to Know: NARAL of Montana has planned an event at the Lewis and Clark library in Helena today, April 1, 2014, at 5:30 p.m. Per the NARAL Montana Facebook page: “There has been a lot of discussion about crisis pregnancy centers recently. Join us TUESDAY at the Lewis & Clark Library for […]  READ MORE

Students Doing Fine Without Common Core12/30/2013 posts State Director Tanya Shellnutt article on the dangers of Common Core.  Check it out!  READ MORE

Common Core Critics Air Data Concerns11/4/2013

State Director Tonya Shellnutt quoted in Billings Gazette article.

Common, To The Core10/15/2013 picks up Tonya Shellnutts article on Common Core. Check it out!  READ MORE

Make Common Core in Montana – Uncommon9/25/2013

Common Core State Standards is unconstitutional and needs to be stopped! Find out how you can help.  READ MORE

America’s Debt Crisis is Critical9/9/2013

State Director Tonya Shellnutt’s letter to the editor published in the Missoulian and the Billings Gazette. Read it here in the Billings Gazette.  READ MORE

Meet the New State Director for CWA of Montana, Tonya Shellnutt4/6/2013

“As I began to educate myself, I knew I had to become involved and give everything that I had to such important issues affecting my family and our future generations.”

August 9, 2012 MEDIA ADVISORY: CWA To Stop in Montana Aug. 11-14 on the She Votes 2012 Bus Tour8/10/2012

Concerned Women for America CEO and President Penny Nance and supporters are ready to roll through Montana on their four-state She Votes 2012 bus tour.  READ MORE

July 27, 2012 PRESS RELEASE: CWA Announces Kick Off Event for She Votes 2012 in Montana7/28/2012

Kanduch: “Together we can change the course of our nation.”  READ MORE

July 25, 2012 PRESS RELEASE: CWA Kicks off She Votes 2012 in Montana7/27/2012

Nance: “The time is now for women in ‘The Treasure State’ to stand up and let their voices be heard.”  READ MORE

Montana: She Votes 2012 Push Cards7/24/2012

Get the word out about She Votes 2012 with these convenient push cards.  READ MORE

North Carolina: She Votes 2012 Push Cards7/24/2012

Get the word out about She Votes 2012 with these convenient push cards.  READ MORE

Montana: CWA of Montana Kick-off Banquet – August 117/13/2012

Join us August 11 in Missoula! CWA’s CEO and President Penny Nance to be keynote speaker.  READ MORE

Sen. Tester, How About an Apology?3/22/2012

Read State Director’s article on  READ MORE

Tester Should Apologize for Smears Against CWA9/1/2011

Patti Kanduch’s article published in the Missoulian. “Sen. Jon Tester’s honesty and integrity are now on trial.”  READ MORE

CWA of Montana Speaks Out in Supports HB 516 at the State Capitol3/22/2011

Jeanette Zentgraf, Communications Coordinator, testified before the Senate Local Government Committee on March 14, 2011. Read her testimony about how, if HB 516 is not passed, it can leave the door open to Christian’s being discriminated against.  READ MORE

Montana Senate Panel OKs Bill That Would Nullify Missoula Equality Law3/19/2011

Read in the how HB 516 passed out of the Senate Local Government Committee . It now goes to the full Senate for a vote.  READ MORE

2011 Legislature: Some Laws Deserve To Be Void – Patti Kanduche’s article appears in the Missoulian3/15/2011

“Since Endangered Species Act’s inception in 1973 it has confiscated billions of dollars of private property, harmed or destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans and … has not been responsible for recovering even a single species.”  READ MORE

CWA of Montana Legislative Update – April 152/16/2011

CWA of Montana has been standing strong against various threats, particularly HB 161 which would repeal all state medical marijuana law. Your action is needed immediately!  READ MORE

CWA of Montana 2011 Legislative Update – February 72/7/2011

CWA of Montana takes a stand on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Marijuana and Assisted Suicide. Find out how you can stand with us for righteousness through your prayers and actions. We make it easy!  READ MORE

Petition to FCC Chairman Wheeler: Holding the FCC Accountable

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